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10k Training - Felt very unmotivated this morning but buzzing now

I have been resting my twinging ankle for nearly a week now and decided it was time to see whether it would stand up to a 5k run round the village (especially as my 10k race is next weekend). When I woke this morning I felt very unmotivated and when I looked out and saw a small amount of snow on the ground and snow flurries it didn't help. I was however determined so wrapped up warm - woolly hat, gloves, long leggings, two long sleeved tops, & buff and out I went.

I took my heart rate monitor as I wanted to see if I could get to grip with the training zones etc. Off I went my heart rate for the first mile seemed incredible high, but my ankle felt OK and I had got into a nice rhythm (I have downloaded some running podcasts from Itunes which I think are really helping with the rhythm and timing). So I decided I would go a little further so at this point I had to decide whether to do a 6.5k or a 10k. I opted for the 6.5k being sensible and deciding not to push my luck with ankle.

Thoroughly enjoyed the run, wasn't really cold but wasn't too hot either so shows it must have been pretty chilly out there as normally the hat and gloves would have come off pretty quickly.

But this time next week will be the big 10k - hope it's a bit warmer!!!

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Congratulations on being sensible and looking after your ankle - it can be very hard to do that, can't it!



I almost went in the direction of the 10k but thoughts of not being able to run next Sunday (or to start but not be able to complete the race) flashed in front of me, hence I opted for the 6.5k instead.


Good thinking morningglory! It's definitely not worth risking it - hope the ankle holds up this week and you finish the 10K.


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