Fartleking about for 5k

Fartleking about for 5k

No tunes this morning so decided to use my HRM to do some fartleking. Warmed up, ran for a bit then used the HRM to track my heart rate up to 160 then walked until it got to 143 then ran again up to 160. Actually enjoyed mucking about and it may be good for speed as well. Nice jaggedy heart rate as you can see. Very cold this morning and thought I might need to buy some gloves but was pretty toasty by the end of my run

Happy running all


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  • Sounds like an interesting approach, I'm really interested to know if you see your speed improve after a while of that. I did the Stepping Stones podcast yesterday and really enjoyed that, hoping it will help if I add it in to my running routine, going to try the Speed one tomorrow which everyone says is really hard so it will have to be mind over matter!!!

  • Yes I have used both those podcasts and found they help but I did pull my hamstring after doing the speed one so take care. I am looking to adopt more of a structure for my running as I miss Laura and her instructions.

  • MarlyParly I used speed months ago and hated it but have gone back to it and have used it twice now and love it! The exhilaration you get from faster running (even for a little while!) is fantastic! Hopefully you'll enjoy it too!

  • Thanks Irishprincess, that's good to know, if I hate it I might like it when I'm a bit further on with my running:). And thanks Getting Fitter for the warning about the hamstring pull!!

  • No problem just make sure you are warmed up

  • That looks like it might be fun :)

    I'm currently on the C25K running monday, wednesday and friday. My week9 run3 is on friday. I'm thinking repeating week9 but adding in a run on sunday. Your fartleks style thingy might be the very thing for sunday morning :)

  • Good luck for Friday. It's really just interval training and there are a couple of C25k+ podcasts that do similar things. Up to this point I've just been glad I can run for longer than I ever have and am now investigating ways of improving. I tend to try and do one long run (10k), one short run (4k) and an interval of about 5k

  • Your pace looks pretty even GF. I bet that was fun.

  • Thanks IP I did enjoy it

  • Bet you're tired now! ;) Great effort there.

  • Not too bad now and Miss Garmin said I only need 16 hours to recover

  • Ah, but do you believe her? ;)

  • brill...well done you :)

  • Thanks JuicyJu

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