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W6R3 Tickety tick! And pixies out in force :D


I went out last night for a steady one whilst keeping an eye on the ankle. I'm so glad I went out!

I had an ankle support which didn't seem to help much when walking so I was fully prepared to not push it and go home after 1 minute of running. I started off veeerrrrrry slow and realised that after 3 minutes or so I wasn't even out of breath which reminded me how far I've come. I felt completely on top of the run and the pixies were out in force for once. I wondered if my fitness would allow me to get round having left about 10 days since W6R2 but apparently it doesn't affect things too much :D YAY!!!

The ankle seemed to stop niggling after a while so I stuck with it because I felt great. A small incline got my heart rate going pretty high about half way through which I managed to recover in the following downhill section. I ran the whole 25 minutes! My ankle felt really quite wobbly as soon as I stopped so I cursed myself for being so stupid and iced it, elevated, when I got back. I thought I wouldn't be able to walk to work this morning but I feel great and no complaints with the ankle whatsoever, it's the best it's been in over a week. Very strange.

Keeping an eye on it but feeling very positive about just having ran 25 minutes non stop. And enjoying it!

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Absolutely brilliant news & a massive well done :) x

hannah141Graduate in reply to vickyb5277

Yaayyy!! Grinny McGee at work today!

vickyb5277 in reply to hannah141

So you should be :) xx

That's amazing! What a lovely surprise :-) 

Careful not to push too hard too soon though. 


Excellent work, hannah! Glad you're back out there.


Well done Hannah ! Good to hear it went well :-)

Youre doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx


Brilliant and well done - I'm due to do W6R3 on Sunday (eek!)

hannah141Graduate in reply to louisella

Good luck! Not as much of a barrier as you may think - just go slowly and get your rhythm :D


Brilliant.. going steady and watching out for trouble!

 You did brilliantly!

Well done!  I am back at w6r1 but am not too far behind you!!


Well done, Hannah! That sounds like a great run.


That sounds fabulous, well done!

I also did w6r3 yesterday and I feel fantastic too :-)

Bring on week 7!!


Well done. Nearly there now.

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