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C25K take two... Started again from the beginning

I attempted C25K last autumn and gave up in November as I could not run for 5 minutes. I repeated (and repeated) week 3 until I could run 3 minutes comfortably but I was giving up on the 3 minute runs after 2 minutes . I Thought I would have another go and for some reason it's so much easier this time... I've done week 3 this week, was amazed when Laura said I'd finished yesterday and R1 I did and extra 2 runs before the warm down. I can't think what's changed as I still have over 4 stone to lose, I'm still 48 and I still have my medical conditions. I'm starting W4 this weekend and I know that I'll do it. Bring it on!

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Well done on persevering. I think the difference was your determination to do it again, despite finding it difficult. A good deal of getting through the 9 weeks is down to mental attitude and, by coming in to it, knowing it would be tough, but you were going to do it anyway, you had a great head start.


I bet Wepre is right. How you think about running definitely makes an enormous difference to how hard it feels.

Carry on thinking positive and you'll get there - and it really is worth it. (And if you get to a tricky point, try slowing down - it almost always helps - moving slowly is much better than not moving at all! I would say that though, because I go very slowly! :)


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