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WK3 RUN1 DONE... I wanna go again!!

Hi guys I've just finished week 3 run 1 and altho the last 3 minutes were hard I was so glad I didn't give up. I started this plan and really didn't think I would get past week 1 as running is something that just brings back bad memories of PE lessons at school and me the big frump lagging behind! I have lost nearly 2 stone over the last 5 months and still have another 2 to go so have started this plan. The hardest part for me is actually getting out of the house once I'm out I find I am really enjoying the plan (something I never thought I would hear myself say!) It's really suprising that every day you are building stamuna and the runs get (dare I say it) easier! I really hope I stick to this and who knows in another few weeks I may have the confidence and the strength to go out running with my fit friends! This community board is really good for reading other peoples experiences and giving you the push you sometimes need. Run 2 of the week is on sunday so roll on sunday!

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The joy in you is all over that post.


well done you! I really hope i sound like you and am still going at week 3! only just finished week1.

fabulous weight loss too



Keep up the good work! This is a brilliant programme for banishing those old PE lesson ghosts. I had a few of those too. Competing against yourself is so much more effective. :)


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