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Oh no!!!!! Where's my mojo?????

I am gutted. Disaster, not once but twice!!!! W6R3 was last Tuesday and it was the best run I ever had. I was even tempted to keep going through the last 5 minutes but thought no, stick to the plan!!! So when I went out last night for W7R1 I couldnt believe I just stopped dead in my tracks after 5 minutes! What the ...? So......this morning I had a impromptu day off, got up at 7 and thought I wouldnt waste another minute and get out there. 10 minutes in and whoop! Dead again. I tried again and my heart was in it truly but my knees were saying STOP! They are not even sore but my thighs do feel a bit tired. Whats wrong with me? I can understand once, but twice? I really hope this isnt the end of the road for me :-(

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Fear not, your mojo will come back! :)

I found week 7 tough. I think it's because weeks 5 and 6 push you up pretty fast. W6R3 puts you on such a high you think you can do it all - and there's a tendency to set off much too fast for the first week 7 run (and maybe the legs are still recovering from the previous big effort). Plus the evil meanies on your shoulder start nagging at you!

Give yourself a rest. Repeat the mantra - bad runs happen, they don't mean much.

Then go out REALLY SLOWLY. Which is hard (I didn't manage it yesterday, and had to stop and walk for a bit after ten minutes, and I know I can keep going for 50+ minutes). Try to do several runs slowly - build endurance instead of thinking about pace.

Bossy bossy! Your mojo is just temporarily in hiding and will come back - you clearly don't want to drop out now or you wouldn't have posted! :)


Thanks Greenlegs, can always rely on you for some needed advice :-)

I am going to rest till at least Sunday evening then give it another whirl. I will not be beaten by those gremlins telling me to stop. My 42nd birthday is at the end of March - my goal is to have this cracked off and my present, a little green grad badge. x


It just happens sometimes, it happened to me today too - mojos are mysterious things. Keep going and that grad badge will soon be yours. :-)


I'm at the same stage as you. I knew w6r3 would be hard and got myself through that. From reading on here, I also knew that w7 is a big challenge too so I gave myself 2 days in between and planned a slightly flatter route. My normal route is mainly uphill for the first 9 minutes and after my previous run I knew I wouldn't make it if I didn't reduce the incline. I got through it and stopped dead on the 25 minutes as I couldn't run a step further. Now psyching myself up for that r2 tomorrow-hope the snow doesn't settle in the meantime. :o :)


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