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Back out there tonight and loved it, bit different from the treadmill in my garage

Been a while since i last blogged, prob due to only running on my treadmill and quite substantially bored.

Decided tonight to get back out there running after discussing the boredom of the treadmill with some of the guys at work. It was fantastic, 28 minutes solid run which was hard as I'm not used to the hills at the moment, but I did it, so pleased with myself again. Only issue was the cold air 0 degrees was hard on my asthma, fine while running but when stopped hurt my chest a little, especially when came back in the warm.

Still felt good though,

Bring on the spring

Happy running all

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Well done. For the cold air, wear a scarf or buff over your mouth. Good luck.


Great! I agree about boredom - I usually run outside but the same route can get very dull, so I try and mix it up occasionally. Brilliant that you found it fantastic - as you say, roll on the warmer weather :)


Glad to hear you've managed to get outdoors again, not long now until the warmer days :-)


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