Couch to 5K

Ran 10 miles tonight :-) love how running lifts my spirits :-D

Haven't had chance to post for a while BUT I have been running - and it's kept me sane through eldest daughter's options choices, youngest daughter's SATS, breast lumps (all clear), car died, replacement car sourced, big breath in whilst tightening belt to pay for replacement car, and miserable issues at work!!

I've been increasing my Monday run distances - 10 miles tonight! Wow!

And working towards a sub-30 5K park run - 13 park runs, 12 PBs - down to 30:31 this week. Soooo nearly there - fingers crossed for Saturday!

Have RFL in June - my first 'race', a 10k in July and a half marathon in September :-)

For any newbies out there - I started c25K in Jan and have been absolutely amazed at where this journey has taken me - not just in terms of my physical fitness but also in terms of my mood - it's tremendously uplifting :-) Keep with it, trust the plan - it works :-)

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Wow! Spectacular progress - well done. I started in Feb and will be pleased if I can run all of my 10k in June and finish in under 90 minutes! Sounds like you are a born runner! Glad to hear how much you enjoy it too. It's a great sense of achievement isn't it?


16k is a fantastic run, so well done you!


You're doing amazingly well! 10 miles, brilliant! :) Great for de-stressing! :)


Core blimey! You're definitely one of life's achievers Potty! Well done you! All the best with your races :-)


Well done that is amazing!!


Many congrats Potty, that is a cracking distance after such a short time.

Good luck with the sub-30 venture, it's just round the corner.


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