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I’ve just got back from my GRADUATION run!!

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Hello folks- I have finally completed the C25k and cannot tell you how pleased I am with myself!

I first attempted it 5- yes 5 years ago and this is the 4th attempt. This time I started last September and the difference was I joined the group and have been reading and been encouraged by others stories.

I have repeated I don’t know how many runs!

It was only when I got past week 6 that iI have been able to keep pretty much on track.

So anybody out there letting it drift don’t worry and feel bad- just focus on what you have achieved.

I never thought I’d do this- and I have- next challenge is keeping it up!

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Congratulations! Fabulous persistence 🕷

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Well done, especially for keep coming back.

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Congratulations whippet - it doesn’t matter how long it took , you did it 👏☀️😎🍾🥂🏅👍

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Congratulations! You got there in the end, you knew you would sooner or later - how long it takes is irrelevant, you got there and that's what counts. Waiting for so long makes it more of a precious time. A well deserved, huge well done!

Brilliant 😎

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Congratulations Whippitt 🍾🍾. Great determination and perseverance. Well done!! 😊

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Woohoo that's brilliant congratulations

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Fantastic! So happy for you - you totally deserve to feel proud and happy. Well done - a great uplifting story :) 🏃 😊

So pleased for you!

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Congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Keep running keep smiling.

Couch2couch profile image

Congratulations! Well done for sticking at it.

Many congratulations! It is a feeling I'm looking forward to. 😁😁

Hexslug profile image

Well done, your determination to stay with it is amazing.

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Fantastic achievement - well done - you should be so proud of yourself!!

Well done you!! That is dedication! Keep up the good work!

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