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Finally doing it

I started the lifestyle change a few months back and have so far lost 26 pounds and have a new found urge to not just lose weight but to get fit.

Found the c25k program and although i have never been able to run thought i would have a go.

i LOVE it!

Only done 2 runs so far w1d3 tomorrow morning but even day 2 was easier than day 1 which completely astounded me.

Cant wait to get out tomorrow morning for the next, the plan is so motivating

Way to go to everyone else out there doing this



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There are many who start this to lose weight, however I came to it in the same way as yourself, it was losing the excess weight which gave me the incentive to get fit.

I'd have never been able to do so had it not been for discovering this programme, I hope it continues to go so well for you.

Oh and......welcome.


Welcome! Sounds as though you've fallen right in deep already! Brilliant.


Looking forward to hearing how it works out for you. Good luck!


Cor, 26 pounds. I'm jealous. Good luck kwith the programme - it really is brilliant.


The best thing I ever started. Good luck with your next run, and keep blogging. :-)


I love reading blogs where someone is shocked that theyv'e done a run and are looking forward to the next! Reminds me of my first few weeks. Keep going, this programme is amazing and works!


Thanks for the welcome guys!

Well w1d3 was hard for me. Working the late shift last night so didnt get to bed till about 11.30 and my running time is 6am. Managed to hit the alarm off and doze off again! Woke up 40 mins later and was so tempted to skip the run so i wasnt behind all day. But i didnt. Major victory for me that i went and did it, and felt so good after it that running behind all day doesnt even matter. All the changes are really finally paying off :)

Good luck to everyone else running today, enjoy it!



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