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Upping my game

Having managed to run over 6k on Monday, I decided to have a go at the first run of B210K, 4 lots of 10 min run, 1min walk.

My 2 previous runs had been afternoon runs, but today I set out around 8am. I was well prepared, buff around my ears, gloves on, I dug out my Nike capri pants as they are double layered and my thighs have been cold on my last couple of runs.

I decided on a change of route and went to the local rec to do laps, not sure if this was a good idea or not. I lapped the rec 7 times, passing the same old man with a walking stick 4 times. The ground was quite firm so I ran quite a lot on the grass. I'll probably go back to the roads next time, don't think I want to do that many laps of the rec too often.

The first 10 mins was hard (but then it always is) the second 10 mins weren't much better, the 3rd was OK, I settled into the fourth quickly and soon it was all over. Garmin says a new PB, a distance of 6.7k.

So all in all a good run, Also having done an early morning run at 1c, I know I'll be able to give Parkrun another go on Saturday.

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well done, I find laps quite boring - do you?


I'm impressed at all that lapping - I think it would drive me bonkers, not having a change of scene. I wonder what the old man made of it!

Did it feel different, doing it in four batches of ten minutes? What were the breaks like - did it feel worse starting again after a break? I suppose the best way for me to answer that it to go and try it out for myself! :)


After I'd passed the old man for the third time I started feeling guilty. Yes quite boring lapping the rec7 times, but various dogs and walkers to distract me, on the plus side it was very flat. It was quite nice going back to intervals, I tried not to look at my watch too often, but knowing I had a break coming up was kind of comforting, the minute walking seemed to go too quickly. The aim to increase my time running worked.


Well I tried intervals, sort of, today on my parkrun trial run. Going back to a walk for a bit did help me to recover from starting out too fast. Or, looked at another way, I suppose that it was probably useful to have run at various different paces, rather than the same all the way through. So I was glad I'd read your post!


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