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B210k W5R2

It is definitely getting harder but I am persevering. Endomondo did a brainstorm on me yesterday though. All going well then suddenly it was 1k in 2m 16s and the following one in 3m 53s. What fun. I thought I was doing well but not THAT well. I had a look at the website to see the map and edit the entry and ... VERY strange route alterations took me over the local brook at a point where there is no bridge, back over the brook then suddenly through houses, gardens and back onto my route through the park again. It looked good on the stats side with 10.6k in 51 minutes. But I couldn't really allow that and found a means of ediitng the map to try to figure out the real distance. At least the time was accurate. I figured it down by about 1k. So, my edited distance is 9.6k. Pleased I am still managing to keep up and tomorrow should be the 2 x 30 minute runs, so almost there. 60 minute run on Sunday! I can't wait.

Let me know of any interesting experiences you have had with GPS trackers. I am running Endomondo on my wife's old Sony Ericsson Experia mini (I think that is what it's called). Picks up the signal really well but has issues with screen response. I am used to the swish Samsung motion so perhaps I am fussy.

Anyway, enjoy. Thanks for reading and happy running.

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Only interesting experience is with my own navigation James, lol!! Sounds like you're having fun?



Frustrating when Endomondo has a fit! went out on Wednesday night did a run just under 4 mile, in 41 mins, Endomondo had this as 1.86 miles, gps must have switched off at some point.


Completely nuts, isn't it? Yesterday was better though and will blog on that later.


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