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Week 8 done, and I weigh the same - but I don't mind

Today I finished "week 8".

I am running about twice a week, and I've had the odd bad week and a bout of flu in the middle, so I've actually been doing this since September. But I'm not bothered by that - I never really expected to complete the programme in 9 weeks - I just want to complete it, and I am looking forward to that now.

Before I started, I really hoped to lose some weight. I am 5'8'' and 14 stone 10, which gives me a BMI of 31 - firmly in the 'obese' category.

Now personally, I think BMI is a load of rubbish. I am a strong and sturdy Dorset girl and I've had 2 kids - if I was the average 'healthy' weight for my height (10 stone) I would know I was ill. But I was hoping that doing this programme would help me get closer to 12 stone 7 - which I think would be a very healthy weight for me, although BMI would still class it as 'overweight'.

I haven't eaten any less while doing the programme, but I haven't eaten any more either - but in 5 months I have not lost a single pound. And this week I realised that I DON'T MIND - because for the first time in my LIFE (I'm 43), I have got fitter through doing exercise.

I am much less tired than I was. Picking stuff up off the floor no longer makes my legs ache. My heart and lungs feel great. Last weekend, I went swimming for the first time in ages. I'd normally swim 20 lengths - maybe 30 on a really good day. Last weekend I swam 40 without even exerting myself.

I am happy with that.

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Fitness really does count, doesn't it? I think I need to go swimming again - haven't been for years, and I used to really enjoy it. Congratulations on your effortless 40 lengths. :)


Fantastic 40 lengths, and your BMI? Your absolutely right! I read them religiously, then shred them whilst laughing hysterically! I'm a smidgen under six foot but struggle to stay above 11 stone. I have noticed lumps in my thighs which I believe are called

All the best



Totally agree with your comment. I have plenty of kilos to spare and though the scales say I have made little impact I am forever pulling up my leggings now. I even have a waist - and not sure when I last had one of those!!

I started C25K last October after getting fed up of going up stairs and needing oxygen at the top. Now I always run up stairs and love that I can breathe and talk when I am at the top.


Great job!!!! :-) We should all learn to measure our success by how we feel and look compared to that number on the scale. I bet you look great!!!! Gayle


That's a great attitude to have, and great that you are feeling so much fitter. I totally agree about BMI - according to the stats, I need to lose around 4.5 stone. I know I would look ill if I ever got to this point. Yes, okay, I would like to lose a couple of stone, but like you I am so much fitter than when I started this programme. You're doing brilliantly, and you'll be graduating soon :)


Thank you all. Nice to know I'm not the only one who doesn't fit the graphs!


I have to agree, I started the C25K on Boxing day and am now on week 8, I've even cleaned up my diet and only lost 2lb's!! I feel great though! x


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