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Week 8 done ✅


And so begins W9. I'm still in shock. There used to be a programme on years ago - can't remember the name of it but I remember a guy in it used to say "I am standing here beside myself" whenever he was surprised by something - that's exactly how I feel. I'm standing here beside myself in shock that that's me running for 28 minutes. It's a fantastic programme & it really does work. Good luck to everyone running today.

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Well done! Three more runs.

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I know I can't believe it. Struggled a bit today with R3. Hope I'll be OK for W9 but it's only 2 minutes more I guess.

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60 seconds each half! You’ll be fine. I had my wobble W9R2. Much better to have yours at the end of W8!


Just finished week 8 too. Still can't quite believe I am doing this. It's really changed me, I would never have thought I could actually be a runner. But here I am getting better at it every week and planning for the future. Achieving goals.

Well done to you and good luck for smashing week 9! It's not easy but no one else has got you here ☺💪👊

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I know - it's amazing Isn't it? Such a brilliant programme- I try not to bang on about it too much to people but I just can't help myself sometimes! Well done to you too - here's to week 9! 🥂

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It is actually amazing! I have become a running bore 😂 my boyfriend thinks it's great though as it has he can see it's made a big difference to how I feel, confidence in myself etc. Love it! Wanna talk about it all the time, ha! X

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Same as you Malthea52, I found week 8 no problem, but I have kept rigidly to the program Tomorrow I start the first of 3/30 minute runs of week 9. Amazing what you and I have achieved in the last 2 months, I started with run 1 week 1 on Wednesday 18 April and my final week 9, 30-minute run will be on Monday 18 June.

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Not long now! It is an amazing achievement. :)

AlMorrGraduate in reply to amalthea52

Just come back from R1 of week 9, my pace for that 30-minute run was 07.13/km compared to the 08.44/km for the 25 minute run of week 7 run 3


Well done!

It's weird that week 9 feels easier than week 3. Week 9 seems to have arrived so fast too. All of a sudden it's here and we only have a few runs left.

You can do it. Dig deep find those extra 2 minutes.

Happy running!


Nearly there!


Fantastic, we're running to the finish line together! You got this, have a great running week 👍

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Good luck to you too! See you on the podium.

Well done! Amazing feeling right?! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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It really is. I've always loved running but never ever did I think I could run for 28 minutes.

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Just two teeny minutes to go!


Well done, you won’t even notice those 2 minutes you’ll be so excited about getting on the podium. We’ll be waiting to cheer you on.

Well done. So glad to read that you got back out there. All the best for week 9.x

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Thank you. One of my running songs is Titanium - always spurs me on!


That’s great Welshwitch! I expect you are also tickled pink and could probably crush a grape or jump off a dolls house! 😂

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Also welcome home! Hope your boys are doing ok!

And as everyone else says enjoy your graduation week! (I also have to bite my tongue to stop going on about the program and running!)😀

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😂😂 showing our age now! Well I think u r younger than me (most people are!)

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