I can see yours, but can you see mine? A question for For Garmin users

For Swanscot and other sophisticated Garmin users: when I log into your dashboards I can see how far you've run (walked, swum, spinned, cycled etc.) since you bought your Garmins. I can't see that on mine. Is that because

a) because my settings are wrong;

b) Your watches are better than mine -- I have a Barbie pink 10;

c) I am so useless that Garmin has given up on me

Mitts, sorry, but like me I cannot see your "yearlong" stats either which makes me feel better ;-). Cheers Delia xx


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  • Very strange. It must be your settings, Delia; I can see your totals. Your page shows the chart in the top left and your records, etc the same as everyone else.

    BTW What's this "useless" nonsense?

  • On your chart there's a magnificent graph with activities and duration -- I do not have that or rather do not see that on mine.

    Must be my settings.

  • I can see your graph Delia - not much activity on mine at the moment as I've got a gammy knee :( it's getting better though so I should be back pounding the pavements at the end of the week. :) We've had some lovely weather here in the north of Scotland over the last week so it's been seriously bad timing to have my first injury.

  • Maybe we can just see other peoples'?

    Hope knee gets well soon -- more snow expected here on Thursday :-(

  • I see your graph and it's looking fine.

    I wish Garmin Connect would add walking activities to the chart. It would be more useful than swimming.

  • maybe you can -- I'm sure I've seen walking on Mitt's chart :-)

  • They are displayed on individual graps but not on the totals graph. As you sid above, Mitts' year-long stats are not displayed.

  • I also see your graph (and others) but cannot see my own. My Garmin question is that I'm sure in the past there was a view with a bigger map and you could correlate the place on the map with time (and therefore pace etc at that point). For some reason I can't make it do that and it would be quite interesting to see. If any of you know what I need to do please tell me!

    BTW - everyone else's table looks way more impressive than mine would right now - I'm pleased this morning because I've just done a whole Stepping Stone podcast (30 mins) without stopping except at traffic lights. I was a bit disappointed with 3.83km but I think I'm on my way back at last.

    Ann x

  • On the particular activity, you need to click the 'Player' button - on the right hand side of the grey toolbar above the map.

    Good on you! for your completion of the Stepping Stones podcast!

  • Thanks Swanscot! That must be the only button I didn't try pressing!

    I know that completing a Stepping Stone isn't much (only the equivalent of a grad run) but after all these weeks of disrupted activity it's good to be making progress again. I'll do Speed on Thursday and then try Stamina again at the weekend I think, and I'll be back to my normal program if not the normal distance.

  • Completing stepping stones IS a good thing!

    Have a go at Stamina! It is 5 minutes longer and very hard, but rewarding!

  • Thanks - I "used" to be able to do Stamina (before Christmas) - that's the only time I've done 5K :-)

    I almost did it last Sunday but took a couple of walking breaks.In some ways I still prefer Stamina to Stepping Stone as the pace is closer to what I do naturally if that makes sense.

    Still no plans at all to go up to 10K - just not enough hours in the day even if I did think I could do it!

  • I'm still nowhere near 5k in 30 minutes but I do all the 5K+ podcasts as they keep me in shape! I'll go up to 10K one day, but not now. You can imagine the paperwork I'm having to deal with right now between the UK and Italy. Plus dealing with the ups and downs Dad's care person . My job is very much in the background. Other priorities have taken over. Including my little runs.

    Love, Delia xxx

  • How do I join the Garmin gang??? Do I have to find you all individually or are you part of a group

  • Ooh, yes, do join us. I'm swanscot on Garmin too. We're currently not in a Garmin group, but maybe we could make a NHS C25K group. If you search for swanscot, you should find me there and see the others listed under 'my connections'. (Don't bother connecting with Craig as he's not 'one of us' (he's my son!))

  • Yes so join...btw Swanscot, I accidentally invited another Swanscot to be my friend on Garmin!

    Luckily he hasn't accepted yet. I know it's not you as you and I are already connected. Hope it's not a serial killer or anything!

  • Ha! But how dare he use 'my' name! ;-)

    (Even if, perchance, his name is Scott?)

  • I didn't know you could do that, i've just sent swanscot & delia a request. I'm a bit lazy about uploading my runs of late but once I'm back from holiday this will get me more motivated.

  • If you go into your own Profile anyone can set up a Group there are loads of options to add activities etc. Would love to join if someone sets up a Group for C25K.

  • I can see you all now, and my own graph too -- how weird! The mysteries of technology I suppose!

  • Apologies for arriving so late in this conversation, Delia - yesterday was manic. Have spent the last half hour trying to get Garmin to show my yearlong stats, with complete lack of success :-(

    Did you ever find out how to do this? According to the Garmin updater my watch has the latest software so it can't be that and I can't find anything more on my settings to tweak... :-(

    Mind you with the weather atm (another whole load of *!!**!!?**y snow overnight and it's still coming down) and my still-requiring-gentle-runs knees I won't be out Garmining any time soon. Might wear it just about town to give it something to upload, maybe that has something to do with it...

    Legion and Oldgirl and Susan, I sent you friend requests; morningglory, which morningglory are you on Garmin?

  • Thanks swanscot, delia & mitts have got you added on my Garmin. You won't hear from me though after this post for 3 weeks as I'm going to be away. Have decided not to take my Garmin its yet another charger to mess with and Tablet isn't set up to connect it. Will get some running done but will rely on my good old fashioned stop watch. Happy runnings guys will be back in touch around 20th Mar.

  • Would love to join the Garmin party! I've just re-set my Garmin name to Dottiemay and set up a Group called C25K Forum. Everyone welcome to join!

  • Thanks dottie, I have joined!

  • Hope you don't mind I've gate crashed the party and set a few of you a connection request, it will be from philly72 as another phil taken my NHS ID, how rude ;-)

  • Hi Phil,

    Hope you don't mind but I sent you a request too. I was trying to see if I could invite you to join the Garmin group but I don't think I'm allowed to - maybe it has to be dottiemay.


  • Just found this Phil and have sent you an invite to the group.

  • How very rude indeed! How dare he! There is actually another Swanscot too! Copycats :-)

  • In case anyone's still reading this thread (it's slipping down the page) I'm finding that I can't see details of everyone in the Garmin group. I think you need to adjust settings so that your profile and activities are visible to your connections, not just you. That or I've done it wrong, which is also entirely possible :-)

  • Sorry - I didn't put that very well. I meant to see that I can see some people's stuff but not everyone's.

  • me too!

  • Yes, I think if you go to the 'padlock' on your activities and set it to 'my connections and groups' everyone will be able to see them. You have to do this to each one you want to share.

    Alternatively, go to your Settings - Privacy - change the 'who can see' to 'My Connections' & 'My Connections and Groups' if you're happy to share everything!

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