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barrier cream for clothing that rubs

hi all. if Im out for a longer run Im having trouble with getting red painful rubbing marks from my sports bra. its sort of in the middle at the front across my ribcage. I have tried vaseline as this has always sorted out any rubbing from my mp3 armband when wearing short sleeves, but today it is so painful I couldnt put a bra on after my bath.

any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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New bra? Was going to recommend Vaseline but you have already tried it!!! Hope you get it sorted


How old is your bra and when's the last time you got fitted? Sounds like it doesn't fit properly. Maybe you've lost weight or changed shape from toning up a bit? Sounds v painful, hope it's better soon.


Ouch! I would say the bra isn't snug enough which is why it is chafing. Try BodyGlide stick, have heard that is good or use talc to soak up sweat. You will need it to heal first though. Hope it clears soon.


I'd look at a better fitting bra as a long term solution. You might want one of the tank top types or even a support vest. Might be worth a visit to a specialist running shop like Sweatshop.

Short term, you could look to using spray on plaster which Boots do. It will sting like anything when you put it on because of the alcohol in the carrier but it dries to a false skin protective layer.


thankyou for the replies. bra fits ok & is a nice snug fit but the elastic bit that runs round the bottom is the bit thats rubbing. I like the idea of the spray on plaster. hadnt thought of that. it only happens on long runs when I sweat buckets so maybe will have a look through my fabric stash (dressmaker) & see if there is anything I can pop underneath in the meantime so that the band doesnt rub. thanks again. shelley


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