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Happy, happy, joy, joy - only gone and done it again - 10K+abit!

I did wonder if my first 10K was a fluke and would it be a long time before I would/could repeat it? Set off this morning with the intention of a slow distance run aiming for 7/8K but not worrying too much about pace or time.

My Garmin has acted up a couple of times lately, losing the satellite and/or stopping the timer, so after a while I checked to make sure it was working okay. Just as well too, as the darn thing had switched itself off!! So had to faff around setting it up again while still trotting along and trying to work out how far I'd come.

Anyway, after sorting that out, dragging my fleece off because I was already getting hot and then getting back into a steady rhythm I pretty much thought I'd be lucky to do 5K. Still, everything was going along nicely and a little voice in my ear whispered "Another 10K run d'ya reckon?"

Well, it made a change from the voice that usually whispers "Ready to stop now?" so that's progress! I still get inspiration from how everyone else overcomes their demons and tell myself, if you lot can do it, I can do it! So, my new target, if I felt okay, was to try to reach that 10k again. And blow me, I did it, plus a bit.

I wasn't sure how much I need to add to take account of the watch failure so decided to keep going until it read 10K and know that I'd actually done a bit more. I was surprised that it felt a little easier than the first one, certainly at the end and considering I ran a lot more uphills this time, even running up the footbridge over the dual carriageway without any real difficulty.

My Garmin stats are 10.14K in 1:09:38, from when I re-started my watch.

When I mapped the whole distance out on mapmyrun it shows 10.98 but I know that's not accurate. But never mind the stats - I know I did another 10K, which is astounding! :-)

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Astounding, indeed! :-) Such a fantastic accomplishment, you should feel on top of the World! Even with the Garmin issues, you had excellent time! Gayle


Fantastic achievement, especially with the Garmin problems. Be VERY proud!


thats brilliant. & after all the faffing around. you sound very determined & should be really pleased with yourself. well cone :)


Fantastic, well done the 10K magnet was a pulling, you must be smiling :-)


No fluke Dottiemay, you smashed it girl!! :) Fantastic!





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