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...and she's back!

Well, it's been a good 3 months since my last run.

As ever, I have a long list of excuses as to why:

- a ridiculous amount of work during the run up to Christmas

- Christmas and the inevitable amount of food and alcohol that goes with it

- an awful chest infection lasting pretty much all of January

- what felt like the second ice age.

But despite all these practical problems, the main reason was a lack of motivation. I'd gotten lax with trying be healthy altogether, replacing my 40 minute walks to work with 15 minute bus rides, and my soup for lunch with crisps and sandwiches with fatty fillings. I must admit, I'd gotten myself into a bit of a rut, and started feeling awfully sorry for myself.

But today, I dug out my running shoes, donned my joggers, switched my MP3 player to Week 1 and stepped out into a chilly, bright morning.

I set off to the park where I'd first started back in September and did my 8 x 60 second runs, getting tired and a little achey after around the 4th. But in a way, the aches and wheezing made me smile. I was happy to be back outside, in the fresh air, remembering what my legs were for and feeling challenged. I found the run easier than I had done the first time round, but it was still a relief to hear Laura announce that I'd finished.

What struck me when I got back to the house was how easy it had been to get back out there. It was simply a case of finding an hour, putting on my kit and leaving the house. Why I hadn't done it earlier (apart from the above list of excuses) I just don't know!

I'm looking forward to Wednesday and run 2! That's right, people, Caroliney's back!

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Welcome back, it's hard to stick at it in December! I started back to week one and will be heading out on run 3 shortly after 6 months off. Still feeling it in my legs, but the lungs adapted very quickly :)

The milder weather has helped, I think the cold can be very off putting too.


Well done for getting back to it! For me, my legs remember how to do it, they're just a bit rusty :)

And I agree it's much better when I know spring is on its way :)


Hi Caroliney! Great that you're back! You'll probably find that all your other healthy habits will kick back in now you've started running again! Here's to the light nights and better weather! :)


Thanks Oona! Amen to that!


Welcome back!!!!! :-) :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle!! :) :)


I'm back after a similar break. So well done to both of us!


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