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Day one - need to start earlier

So I woke up and tried to think of a reason not to start but couldn't. then realised that I had not loaded the run on to my MP3 so spent 10 minutes doing that, eventually I was ready; running shoes, tracksuit bottoms, T shirt, hoodie and cap. I had eaten a banana as soon as I got up and took a bottle of water with me, then took my mobile in case I collapsed and needed to call for help (you never know).

The park is five minutes from my house so that took care of the warm up, at first I thought it was easy, then I found myself thinking ' please let this be over soon' I had a pain at the top of my left foot so decided to run on the grass and walk on the path which seemed to help.

At times I wanted to stop but kept going, spurred on by the music.

I swim 64 lengths every Saturday but this was harder and took longer to recover. I started this today as I am off for three days and thought it would be a good idea to see how long it takes to run, recover and get ready for the day. So I need to start at 6.30 not 7 am.

Still I am pleased that I have started and will do the next run on Wednesday.

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Welcome - you've started now, so you have to finish!

I loved your first sentence. :D I think we've probably all been there! I have also taken my mobile in case I collapse (and sometimes have elaborate imaginings of what would happen if I did collapse... :o bet I'm not the only one there either!)

Congratulations on getting going - week 1 is often the hardest of all. Interesting that it was harder than 64 lengths (which sounds a lot to me - I haven't been swimming for years).

Oh, and if in doubt, try going slower. If you can't talk while running, you're likely going too fast for your current running fitness. :)


I take my phone when I run alone, as well! I also have a ritual of applng lipstick before a run. Steve likes to give me a hard time about it. Yesterday I took a fall, later after the run, I told him this is why I apply lipstick before a run. If an ambulance was called, I would look good! ;-)


:D :D :D


Good for you for getting started! You'll soon get hooked on running like most of the folk on here! Best wishes for Wed! :)


Great news! Welcome to this site and a fantastic C25K experience!! Gayle


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