New to C25K and need a miracle

Was inspired to join and start writing as you all are amazing!! And thought I have been asking for a Fairy Godmother to work her magic - but perhaps this is what the universe thinks will work best :)

I am currently on slimming world and have a long way to go - and know I need to get fitter & stronger. I started the program yesterday - I was ready, had all the kit & new trainers (they gorgeous) and the play list downloaded - so no stopping me right!!! Well I was shocked - my legs were on fire just in the warm up and then seemed to be filled with lead for the 60 seconds run.It took me entire 90 seconds walking to recover. I was in pieces. AGONY.

Tonight I will go out again but just walking it off for 30 min and then try do Day 1 again tomorrow - hmmm going to take some time !!


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  • That's okay. The tough bit is starting. Once you've done that, the only way is up. I was exactly the same the first day I went out. So were many, if not most of us. It's always a shock to the system at first. The thing is you will get fitter and stronger as long as you stick with it.

  • Cheers thanks Rignold x have to stick with it :) will stay in touch

  • I was the same when I first started, too. Don't worry about it and don't be so hard on yourself! I would maybe miss out the walk later on as rest days between runs are important, to let your muscles recover. It's a big shock to them when you start running!

    I'm doing Slimming World too. Just about done a month up to now :)

    Best advice is always to slow right down. You can always go slower than you think you can! Good luck with the rest of the week and keep us all updated :) x

  • Thanks Spikymoss thats fab advice - will do and will def stay in touch ! :)

  • Sometimes I feel like a wally when I run really slowly.... but then I remember that no-one really cares! :) xx

  • Me too. Don't forget your stretches after running. After my first run I had to take about 3 days off as I couldn't move!!!

  • Congratulations on starting...that in itself is a big step. Well done. Don't be hard on yourself, your body will adapt to running and make sure you use the rest days. Don't let your mind tell you you can't do it...your body will surprise you. As others have said, just take it slowly and then slow it down if you need to.

    Well done again on getting the shoes on and getting out there.

  • Starting is the hardest bit - and you've already done that! You will surprised how quickly you build up some strength and start to feel fitter. It's hard work but it is so worth it!

  • Cheers Ullyrunner :)

  • Cheers Performing_Monkey - yup my mind determined - my body needs the adjusting :) sure will take it slow & steady. Thanks for the encouragement !! Appreciate it

  • Welcome Briggs. It's nice to have you join our little community, a little oasis of civility, helpfulness and motivation in the sandy wastelands of t'interweb.

    You body will take a few sessions to get used to the shock of what you're putting it through, but I have not doubt at all that by the summer you'll be running 5km's and ParkRun and loving what running is doing for your fitness and lifestyle. It's addictive...

    Stretches, rest days, running slowly - these are all you need to care about just now, just don' try and run too fast. And post here often, let us know how you are progressing and don't think we won't notice if you miss a run or two :-)

  • Hi MarkyD super info you do make it sound very exciting LOL - thanks very much.

  • I was just the same. I couldn't understand how it was so difficult. Then I realised I was going too fast. My "Warm up" walk was too fast so I was knackered before I started the 60 seconds running and thought I must be really unfit. But I slowed down and managed it. In the early days/weeks I felt like I "Run" slower than I walked :) but it doesn't matter. I graduated last week and I still don't run fast. But it still doesn't matter. You have made the biggest leap and started. I also did what you did and invested in some kit as I thought it would make me stick with it and it did. I felt like I was preparing for my runs by putting on my running tights & shoes. Happy Running :)

  • Thanks Princess Stef & well done to you :) great will keep that in mind - thank you

  • Take heed of all that advice. Get your stretches here and stick with it. C25k can and will change your life and this forum will supply all the help and advice you could ever need. Congratulations for making a start. Keep us posted, we love to hear from new runners. Good luck.

  • Thank you very much - will def take a look there -

  • Well done for starting, we all feel the same at the beginning. Everyone has already said thing to you walk regularly aside from starting this? You might benefit from just walking more it can add to your basic fitness. Mostly though...don't give up now!!

  • Thanks Northernspirit yeah will mix it up with walking to try build up the strength :)

  • Just to echo all the other fantastic responses - well done for getting up and making a start!! I'm only just at the end of week 2 so also have a long way to go, and I also had the horrible burning muscles, but both weeks did feel easier towards the end. If you need to keep repeating, then repeat. I repeated one of the week 2 runs this week so i've done four week 2 runs. It will take as long as it takes but stick at it!! You can do it!!! X

  • Cheers Grubby - great to hear from you and will do !! Good luck to you x

  • I think virtually all of us thought at some stage we'd need a miracle ......... and these lovely little miracles happened and now we're a community of runners! Well done on starting - it truely was the hardest part for me. It is terrifying, it doesn't feel natural and you wonder how this 'miracle' transformation is going to happen!!! Trust the programme. It works. Take it slow. Repeat weeks if you need to. Keep reminding yourself YOU CAN DO THIS! Post on here for help, guidance and support. Oh, and do your stretches :) Good luck

  • Lovely Goonkeepgoing - really enjoyed your reply - fantastic thank you !

  • Well done for starting!! That's a big step. The C25K isn't easy, it's hard work but the important point is it's achievable ! You can and you will do this :)

    You sound like you've prepared well, take your time, run slow, listen to Laura and use your rest days and you'll be graduating before you know it, the weeks go very fast :)

  • Thank you Lyndz7 - will remember these words when it feels like I just cant move any further :)

  • w1r1 was the hardest run I have ever done. I completed it through sheer willpower. Other runs were hard but not as bad as that. It is amazing how the body adapts. So if you need to repeat a run or two it will be a little easier next time. I had to repeat two runs, and take a few extra rest days, but I still graduated. In nine weeks or so you WILL be running for 30 minutes and loving it.

  • Thank you :)

  • Welcome and well done on starting. It will get easier and you will feel soooo much better.

  • Well done on starting! That's a big decision and achievement in itself. You won't give up. But not everything will go according to plan so don't ever feel defeated. Take it one step at a time and if you don't feel ready to move on to the next week, don't. Just re do the week again. It's not a race! You are doing it for you. It's your thing so do it at your own pace. Good luck! :-)

  • Thanks Persevering :)

  • Welcome ! This programme is truly life changing and it really works !

    You've done the hardest step in getting off that couch . Stick with it , the benefits are immense.

    Good Luck and enjoy it . Exciting times are ahead for you ! xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug x

  • Well done, it won't be long until you look back and not believe how hard it was at the start xx

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