Parkrun plus!

Been enviously reading all the posts by you lovely people who are on the 10k kick. I'm signed up for the Great Trail run in June - 11k across the hills around Keswick. WHAT? I mst be mad! There's no way I'm as good as you guys. What posessed me to think I could do that? Then there's the little matter of the Great North in October ... a total pipe dream.

And all the 'positive vibes' from the 10k crowd just made me feel more & more inadequate.

Anyway, getting to the point of this rant. I did today's Parkrun at St Andrews and at the end, had the CRAZY idea of not stopping at the finish. If I tried to do an extra lap (the circuit uses 1 mile laps) it would give me an idea of the mountain I would (literally) have to climb.

Would you believe I got to the end of that lap? And another? And could probably have done a third to make a total of a 10k run. Except I quit after two, while I was ahead ... leaving scope for another "day of glory" in another week or two.

WOW! This stuff about you can do more than you think? It really works!


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9 Replies

  • That's great! We can always do more than we rhink when we out our minds to it and want it enough! You will rock the 11k and GNR!!! Am jealous of ll those that have been out today....10 days since I have been out due to yet another horrible cold!

  • I wondered where you snuck off to Ali!!! :-) Hope you feel better soon!! Gayle

  • Gosh my typing is awful! Sorry!!!

  • Oh, well done Malcy! What a lovely feeling to find out how much more stamina you had than you thought. Hills around Keswick does sound a wee bit challenging, but it sounds as though you'll knock them dead! :)

  • The trail run sounds gorgeous, and 11k sounds like the perfect build up to the GNR. I'm signed up for it too & have the mixed feelings of wanting to do it and fearing I can't, today got chatting with a lovely supportive runner at Parkrun who reassured & encouraged me. If we do the training we CAN do it, we have loads of time and can build up steadily - he pointed out many people don't even begin training until May.

  • I love reading blogs like this! :-) I'm currently doing a 10K plan but will be no where the 10K distance when I finish. But your blog made me think back to just 6-7 months ago when I couldn't hardly run 1 minute! Its amazing what we truly are capable of! Very best wishes to you! Gayle

  • Congratulations on an awesome run!

  • Good grief, you really went for it! well done.

    Trying to pick my next challenge but not sure I'm ready for 10k yet.

  • I honestly thought 10k would be beyond me & did the extra lap just to confirm I wasn't up to it. Really surprised how well it went & I'd say you should do the same - costs nothing to try & if it doesn't work out? Hey, you've not lost anything!

    Good luck

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