10th parkrun

I was due a gym run on Thursday but I had a doctor's appointment so did the gym run on Friday instead. It was a straight 5k aiming for 30-31 minutes, and I came a few seconds under 30m by doing a sprint at the end. I was a little apprehensive doing parkrun the next day.

Got the phone and garmin set up with heart rate monitor, and I must say that the technology all worked, or it would have done if I could press the right buttons at the right time.

The run went well. Gremlins complained I was running too fast, too far, It was OK to stop, etc. At 2.5k I was well on target for 30 minutes, so the second lap I tried to just run a steady pace to stay on target. The 'hill' was waiting there to get me and the gremlins were telling me to walk it. I slowed down but carried on running. At the top I stayed slow to recover a bit, then at 4km I was still on target. A young lady went by and two teenage lads flew by. I tried to speed up a little to keep up with the lady and managed it, until 4.5 km when she went off after the lads. I couldn't do the run like the wind thing, so plodded on till the end was in sight, then tried to do a bit of a sprint finish and got in before a chap behind me who was desperate to beat me (we ran most of lap 2 together a few weeks ago and he cheekily sprinted in front of me that week). I forget my garmin and phone till I was sitting on the fence, feeling very ill, trying to get my breathing under control.

I walked back very slowly giving all the tail runners the thumbs up. I wanted to run alongside them to encourage them, but I wonder if they would take that badly?

Showered, weighed (lost 2 pounds this week) and waited for my results, which if I say so myself were much better than expected - 29:20 woo-hoo.


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14 Replies

  • Sub 30 mins ! That's fantastic, very well done you.

  • rock n roil :D really well done :D

  • A-MAZ-ING!!! I can only dream of a time like that at the moment.

    I take my hat off to you!! Well done ☺

  • That's fantastic well done!!

  • Well done. That's my best Parkrun time too :) Feels good doesn't it? I had to tell myself off for feeling proud of myself for overtaking a skinny 14 year old boy :(

  • feels awesome. Secretly, I think that's why they let them take part. My running bane is a particular 10 year old with his dad, who both just beat me every time. They weren't there this week.

  • My 8 year old got a pb of 24.05 today. I am very proud (and massively jealous). My friend has a very impressive pb of just over 26 minutes and she was enquiring if she could borrow him to pace her :)

  • lol - 24:05 at 8 is impressive. You and he have every reason to feel proud I feel very jealous seeing kids running with their mums and dads, sometimes whole families running together. Even seeing couples running together is cute. Still trying to get my OH off the couch.

  • He runs with with my hubby. No chance that he would slow down to run with me. I'm way too slow :) Hubby is very proud that I am running to, as it was not keeping up with our 6 year old that got me into c25k. Keep badgering your OH - the time might not be right now but eventually he will give in :)

  • Well done! Great time!

  • Fantastic time rmnsuk! I have a feeling we might do the same park run - whether we do or not I have to agree on the speedy kids! One week I got a PB following a girl and her dad, the girl couldn't have been more than 5!!! I was overtaken by a woman pushing a newborn round in a buggy today - it always amazes me what people can do! I got my 10th PB today though - 32 minutes flat :-) chasing sub-30 - maybe end of May :-)

  • Really well done. That's a great time and you beat that chap!

  • Wow! Well done, I look forward to the day I can run my 5k in 30 mins or less! Did 2 miles (3kish) in 20 mins as part of w5r3 the other day, but I don't think I could have done another mile at that pace!

  • Great time! I'm constantly being overtaken by very speedy little girls - how do they do it?! I almost, almost overtook a dog yesterday!

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