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Races You're Doing, Races You Want to Do....

Morning afternoon, all. :-)

There's been a huge flurry lately here in people signing-up to races left, right, centre, above and below. So, I thought it would be good to have a Central Race Hub (CRH) to discuss the races we have planned and also ones we really, really want to do but can't as yet due to having other races to do, not being up to the distance yet, injury, not able to get into the race itself due to oversubscription and all the other variables there are, all in one place.

This, I do realise, is very dangerous as at least one of us, and in high probability quite a few of us will see races we wish we hadn't and end up signing-up...............!

So, what are you doing, and what is on your Racing Wish List? (RWL)

What I'm doing this year:

September: The Great Yorkshire Run, Sheffield. (10K)

October: The TenTenTen, Sheffield. (10K)

November: Leeds Mo-Run (10K) and the Great Yorkshire Stair Climb. Also Leeds. Both on the same day. (!)


February: Brighton HM. Brighton, funnily enough. :D

March: Vertical Rush. Tower Race, London. Not signed-up yet - entries not yet open.

June: Hull 10K. (Part of the Jane Tomlinson 10K Series - JTS)

June: Pennine-Lancashire 10K, Burnley. (JTS)

July: Leeds 10K (JTS)

August: York 10K (JTS)

September - Gherkin Run Challenge. Tower Run up the Gherkin. Entries not open yet for next year.

October: Yorkshire Marathon, York.

^^^ There's scope in there for one more HM next year, in preparation for the full M. Quite possibly the Humber Bridge HM.


Races I want to do: (I mean really, REALLY want to do)

Empire State Building Run-up. (!) (And many other tower races)

Great Ethiopian Run, 10K, Addis Ababa

London Marathon (going to enter the ballot in April coming, for the 2016 race)

French Riviera Marathon

Paris Marathon

Marathon du Medoc (this is something else - basically a 26.2 mile piss-up through vineyards, in fancy dress. The fuel stations have wine, cheese, oysters and all manner of things like that, for God's sake! Google it! :D ) I actually would like to do this within the next couple of years....

New York Marathon

Belfast Marathon or HM

Titanic Quarter 10K, Belfast

Mersey Tunnels 10K (Really want to do this next year but it's in June and I have two other 10Ks then)

Humber Bridge HM

Paris 10K

Great South Run

Loch Ness Marathon (there's also the 10K and HM)

Brighton Marathon

Putney and Fulham HM (don't tempt me or I'll end up in that this October!)

Bridlington 5 Mile Easter Dash

A colour run, anywhere!

Run to the Beat, London (10K)

BUPA London 10,000. (Very, very tempted by this for next May; my May is race-free, so it's possible!)

Plus any number of fun runs. There's others too that I'm sure I've momentarily forgotten about but at any rate, that's enough to keep me going for quite some time! :D I do want to do some 5 milers too.

Come on then, what have you? :-)

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Oh - don't get me started...

Entered in 2014:

London Zoo 10K - Sep 14

Kew Gardens 10K - Sep 21

Kingston Run 13K - Oct 12

Riverside 10K - Oct 18

Entered in 2015:

Hampton Court HM - Feb 22 (same day as your Brighton HM)

Richmond HM - Mar 22 (yep, one month later)

Races I would like to enter:

Any of the colours runs

Any of the zombie runs

London Marathon (did I just say that out loud) - 2016?

Night time races with fancy glow sticks and stuff (Electric Run?)

A tower climb - there is a 3 tower one in London with an abseil at the end

Next year's City Race with a group of guys and girls from work... 5K through London...

And - a few to dream about

New York Marathon

Boston Marathon

And - the ultimate bucket list one IMHO

The Comrades Ultra (www.comrades.com) - 90km through the valley of a thousand hills in South Africa

I've posted about the Comrades before and have a mate who is entering this year... look at this though...

Now I will turn off my internet and stop it... :)

You're a bad (good) influence M_Y... :)


Bloody nice list there, Aus! Quite a few of your races I'd like to do too. Are you going to put your name into the ballot for the 2016 London Marathon too? You know you want to............ :D I certainly am!

Oh yes, the three tower/5k/abseil run is a huge yes yes yes from me too. I'd like to do that in 2016 when I have some good tower experience behind me as that will be some challenge!

The zombie/night-glowstick runs I want to do as well. I think that's what I meant by 'fun run' - something drastically different and about the sheer fun of running as opposed to going for a PB, not worrying about times. That's what I like about the Marathon du Medoc - PBs aren't really an option. It's more a Personal Worst, I think. After several glasses of wine at the 'fuel' stations, timing will be well and truly out the window! :D Zombie runs, colour runs, night runs, onfire night runs, they all look so cool.

You might like the BUPA London 10,000, Aus.... london10000.co.uk/ 10K through London's wonderful history. Yes please! If I don't turn my Internets off, I'll be doing that one next year, I think!

That Comrades Ultra looks amazing! I've never really thought much about Ultras before, but would one day love a go at the Belfast Titanic Quarter 102K Ultra.... 26extreme.com/productdetail... :D

When I started, I had no idea how addictive this would be. I don't think any of us did! :D


Let me know if you sign up for the BUPA 10K... Just sayin'... :)


Oh God, I can see what's going to happen here.............. :D :D :D


I see you have entered the zoo race - slightly jealous :D

Do you think mrs Aussie will do races too?


Entered in 2014:

Swansea Bay 10k - 21st September

A park run in York in October

Looking to do a ten miler somewhere

Want to do in 2015

London Zoo 10K - Sep 14

Jane Tom York 10k

Swansea Bay 10k

Half Marathon - All booked. 15th March 2015. Vitality North London HM

Want to do in 2016

Marathon - not sure where

I don't, as yet, have plans to do any overseas, but who knows


I like the look of the Swansea Bay 10K as well. :-) Nice list there, Kicki. :-)


Let me know if you decide to do it and I will share a cuppa coffee with you from my flask :D I will bring two cups, don't worry :) xxx


You're on, Kicki! :-) Though I don't drink coffee as a rule, I shall make an exception! Though before that, there's always York, so I will take you up on your offer there as well! :-) xxx


I couldn't park at the racecourse in august. It was so very busy! I had to park about a mile away and walk back. If it hadn't have been running 30 mins late, I doubt I would have made it in time x


Wow, it was that bad?! You probably did the best thing actually; trying to leave the racecourse afterwards was a right pain. Took ages to get out of the car park! x


I won't bother even trying next year. My Mum lives near the racecourse. I will park at hers :D x


Good idea! I'll get a hotel next year. I didn't this year as I signed-up to the race lateish on and it seemed everywhere was fully booked! Are you doing any of the other races in the JT series? I'm really looking forward to the Hull race; disappointed to have missed that this year. x


No. I haven't looked at any others yet. I would book your hotel in York as soon as you have the date though. Weekends are really busy in summer there, full of tourists throughout.


Good thinking, thanks. I'm already signed-up, so I'll book the hotel soon. Not cheap, this running business, is it?!


Race Junkie! :D x


I have a problem. A serious problem. :'( :D x


Slightly different, but:


Bicester Tri

Good Friday Tri

Stratford 220 Tri


Birmingham Tri

London Tri

Ultimate goal

Lanzarote Tri, don't think I will ever get to Ironman

But Cotswolds Half Ironman would be awesome

Please bear in mind I only started running 2 weeks ago lol


Good grief! That's some list - it is different, but amazing, well done - they are quite some goals! I'd like to do a tri too, but would need to learn to swim first (long story!) and get a bicycle, but I would like to do one. :-)


Thanks, they are all sprint tri's but even so, they are a goal! Swimming is the easy bit, but as yet no bike... But lot's of spin classes

I find your runners list so amazing! Stair climbing and running on the same day.... Lots of great races! Feeling very inspired reading the lists people are writing!


Are you watching the tri this afternoon on BBC2, from Canada? I'll be watching; I do like a good tri. :-)

Thank you, LadyP. :-) Your list is amazing too - very inspirational. You've got me thinking about tris now! :D


Yep, I'll be watching.... Have a look at Duathlons as well, run, cycle, run if you don't fancy the swimming!


Me too, although I can swim but I would need a bike :) x


I think I need to get signed up for some more ...

September - local 5k charity run

November - MoRun, Milton Keynes (cheers, Miles, for that one :D )

Haven't signed up for any next year but ...

Wish list

Castle to Castle 10k run (Warwick Castle - Kenilworth Castle)

Disney Half Marathon - no idea why though

London Marathon - just because!

*heads off to sign up for some more in order to beat feelings of inadequacy* ;)


DISNEY! I forgot all about that one! Nice one, Frocky, nice one. Yes, me too for the Disney races! :-)

See, this thread is working already! :D


That castle to castle one sounds good - may be when I return to the uk


Well here is my very short list

September 28th -bbva 10km, santiago, parque araucano

On my to do list:

October 14th- santander 10km

November-the santiago colour run, by the costanera centre (largest building in South America, pretty impressive in a country which suffers earthquakes, last weeks 6.4)

November - lanpass 10km tbc

December -nike 10km we run chile,


Feb- because of miles and Aussie vina del mar, energizer race

March - brooks running tour 10km, Vitacura - actually on today as well, it's down the road so will be taking a look in a bit

April - santiago marathon - thinking of doing hm - sssshhhhh! don't tell anyone

May- brooks running your


Easter island 10km


Oh, wow Vix, I didn't realise you'd found a race to enter! Sorry, I've missed so much lately here. Well done, I bet you're really looking forward to that? It's on the same day as my GYR. :-)

The Santander 10K and the Easter Island 10K sound brilliant! :-)


Loving this thread miles :D

Yeah managed to sign up for a race, going to see how this goes, as have extra challenge being in spanish so then will sign up for the rest depending how that goes.

Sorry Santander is in chile, sponsored by bank for local charity, it's down in centro so will be nice as it's next to the river.


Next Saturday. Dash of colour 5k.

That's it !!


Oh well... the non-competitive me would love to do:

Bay Run (HM, Glengarriff to Bantry , Ireland, May bank Holiday)

Some 5 k fun races

and maybe start some mountain running....


End of September- Montreal Rock & Roll Marathon 5k distance

Maybe Classique parc Lafontaine 5k end of October

Wish list- A colour run, a 10k next fall after some 5ks in the spring and summer.


I am exhausted just reading all that....great stuff though...my list is so much smaller:

Sep Bristol HM

Oct Eden half

Wish list

Stair climb race with you :)... I need to sign up and get training!!

Paris marathon, then European cities and NY

Then ultras...swiss alps first

If I'm honest, I don't do crowds and I don't like 'events'...I just want to experience as many different runs in beautiful places and enjoy them :)


It really would be great to do the stair climb with you, JuJu! :-) It'll be great fun! Are you fancying the Mo-run as well? They do a 5K as well as the 10K. :-)

I really like the crowds; I prefer the bigger races to the smaller ones. But as you say, that's the thing with running and races, there's so many places to race that combined with travel too. :-)

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BTW, if you do sign-up, you can put NHS Couch to 5K down as your running club; I did! :-)


well my list is small a mo for races entered! :

4th Oct 2014 Bournemouth Supersonic 10k! 5 weeks away!!


Would love to do the Paris 10k (near my 45th Birthday ) just looked it up, it looks fab and only 15 euro to enter! And...............i've never been to Paris yet! :)

The Great Ethiopian run, well my brother keeps saying that when he takes up running again( he hasn't for 10yrs ago or so) he will pay for me to fly to that one as he REALLY wants to do it(saw it on the TV)! He did the London Marathon a long time back and managed to finish ok. Just need to get him to give up the cigarettes again then training can start!! :)

Would like to do a run in London at some stage, not sure which yet!

*lots of others to contemplate eh? look what you've started! Got to keep the challenge going so i have a focus!!


I like your new avatar, Ali! :-)

Not long now until your 10K! :-)

The Paris 10K looks brilliant. I'm considering that for next year. Be great for sightseeing - 10K and tourism! Catacombs! The Eiffel Tower! (Stairs!) What a great birthday trip it would be for you! :-) I've never been either but really want to go.

The Great Ethiopian Run looks so, so amazing. It's a strong contender for next year. It looks incredible; there were 37,000 runners last year and the atmosphere is that of a carnival! I've been to Ethiopia before, it's brilliant and Addis is a fantastic city. I hope your brother gets training soon to do it! :-)

There are so many races in London to choose from; the BUPA 10K looks great.

I'm looking at another HM to do next year; I am looking abroad. The Vancouver HM looks great! :D

I know, what have I started?! :D


Taken on the Longest Day! on Ventnor downs where you can see all round the Island! :)

10k Eek, not long at all! Considering running to West Cowes and back on cycle track after work one day , apparently thats 10k!

Paris one looks fun, maybe we could have a C25K team there!?! I'd love to look round too..........

Need to work on my brother, he's getting a middle aged spread(hes 47) for first time ever so needs to do something! trying to get him to running club & parkrun! He usually works in Libya but can't go back at the mo so is festering on the IOW! It would do him good! hes really keen on that run, sounds like you're more adventurous than me, tho i would go with him if it was booked!

Boz's step- grandad who passed awaya few yrs back took up running at 69 and did loads of marathons, including the New York one several times! He was definitely an addict and carried on til late 70s/80, that might be you!!! :)

Well done on the thread, lots of interesting ideas coming up! :)


Only signed up for the Leeds 5k Mo-run in November so far, but have big fantasies about the Leeds and/or York 10k next year. It's all too exciting. Got a flier through my letterbox yesterday saying they were closing off our road in a couple of weeks time because it's on the route of the local HM. That got me thinking, I can tell you.......... ;)

Great idea for a thread M_Y. Lovely to read about everyone's plans :)


Both the Leeds and York 10Ks are great, though the York is the more exciting of the two as it's a more interesting view taking all the sights in, though as I say, both are good. :-)

Hmmmm, you're eyeing up HMs now as well, eh?! :-P

Yes, I thought so, GM; it's good to be able to read in one place what others are doing or want to do. :-)


Haha :D It's only run once every other year, so no pressure.......yet ;)


Here's my list:

GNR - 7th September (starting to get nervous now! And my charity top arrived Friday and I've ironed my name on!)

Big fun run Newcastle 5k - 14th September (not timed or anything but for charity, Miss Garmin can time me and it'll be a good stretch off after the GNR)

Mo run Newcastle 10k - 9th November

2015 Races TBC. I've not looked that far ahead since I'm away on Honeymoon for the whole of February and when we get back it's time to find a bigger house so who knows where life will take me in 2015 so I plan to be less planned about races in 2015 and enter ones as and when I can but not have to sign up months in advance :)

Think I'll be sticking to 5-10k's, HM's take up too much training and I know what you mean Miles when you said 5miles was a nice distance, I totally agree. Far enough to be an effort, not so far your out for hours and feel like poop when you get back.

Happy running folks!


Miles-Yonder - great subject for post, you have me thinking I would love to do the Gherkin stair run - as a surveyor that type of building just fascinates me. Having finished Doonhamer 10K today and with Great North 5K next weekend I was just saying I did not want to sign up for any more this year - but already the Poppy Run separately posted on HealthUnlocked just sounds inspirational.


I hope the Doonhamer 10K went well! :-)

I agree; the Gherkin is quite some building, I love it. It's a fantastic piece of architecture. It would be great to run up that - and such a rarity to have access to it too.

That's the problem with this forum - someone posts a race that looks great, and it all spirals from there! :D


Well I am new to all this so have just signed up for my first 5k, I am doing the Color Run in Brighton in September!! so excited!


Ah, you're about to experience the race addiction then! :D Bet you can't wait for that; those Color Runs look such amazing fun; I'd like to do one next year. Good luck for it! :-)


Great thread :) I'll have to have a thunk and come back ;)


Bet you'll be back with an enormous list of races in a bit! :D


Hmm, you may be right ;)


Its great to read about everyone's plans. I have a charity 5k run on the 21 Sep for Demelza House Children's Hospice. I am really pleased to run for this charity as the hospice is just around the corner from where I live so its good to try and raise some money to help a local cause. The run is at the lovely Leeds Castle, nr Maidstone which should be a fab place to run. I'm so looking forward to this, and I heard about it through someone I was talking to at parkrun. There is no end to this running fun is there! x :-D


Just signed up for my first ever organised run. The Poppy Run in October. Not sure yet whether I'm scared or excited! Might try to get a Park Run in first.

Waiting for dates for the Electric Run and a Run or Dye that I can actually get to.

Addictive this running lark :)


Fab post Miles, that's some runs you've got organised there :-)

Don't know whether I have mentioned it , but I am doing the Great Manchester Run in May 2015 , I didn't think I could be more excited about it, but my excitement has now reached fever pitch because Jo Pavey is doing it too !

Eat my dust Jo ha ha :-D

I may be doing the Leeds Mo Run 5k in November, but its a bit up in the air at the moment,depending on if I am going away :-) xxx


Oh, I didn't realise you'd entered it! Brilliant stuff, Pops! :-) I'm so pleased for you, you'll ace it! And how cool Jo Pavey is doing it as well; hope you get to meet her! :-) It'll be some occasion, that!

Oh wow! If you're doing the Mo-run, you must come say hello! :-) Are you coming upstairs with me (and possibly JuJu!) after?! :-P xxx


I am signed up for the Glastonbury Festival site 10k ermm, can't remember when exactly ... Sep or Oct

Exeter Half or Great West Run as I think it is officially called - Oct. This will be a bit of a push as my training has gone well off schedule due to my mum being very ill the last few weeks, but am hoping I can still get it together in time.

Bath Skyline 10k series - nice muddy trails runs Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb

Weston Grand Pier Half - if I can't do Exeter I will do this instead - Nov

Next year:

Bath Half - March

Bristol Half - September

and a full marathon somewhere but have not decided where yet. Possibly Berlin as I used to live there and it would be fun.

I shall also be doing Tough Mudder in April and Spartan in probably August - dates tba at present.

Did Colour Me Rad this morning which was very good fun - more fun than run really. I would say less than 20% ran the whole course, or even half of it, and us 'serious runners' (tongue firmly in cheek) probably covered more distance going around people than forward. It was a great morning's entertainment though and my kids were hooked and very keen to train now so they can take part next time, and even Mrs Rignold hinted she might like to try so winner there. I am not so sure they will be so enthused by watching the muddy 10ks in hills over Bath in January. Mind you I am not so sure they will actually be turning up to support me on muddy hills in January.

In terms of bucket lists and long term wants - the usual suspects really: New York and London marathons. I would love to do something in Norway or Sweden. The Great Wall of China marathon looks pretty wow. And then there is a little art of me that yearns to do an ultra. How realistic a dream this is I am not sure, but then, a year ago I would never have thought I would be running 10ks let alone planning for marathons, so who knows? Perhaps one day that Western States 100 belt buckle will be mine?


Ha ha I will do it as long as theres a Stannah stair lift , if not ah sorry I am washing my hair :-)

Great thread, its fab reading of everyones plans , and it all started with those first tentative steps of Week 1 Run 1 , we have all come a long , long way for sure :-) xxx

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We really have; from struggling through those first sixty seconds running, to all this: it really is incredible. :-)


Jo Pavey! Wowsers! You might pip her at the post Pops if you get a spurt on!

I'm doing a HM in October (if I can get trained up in time)

10 k in December

That's all, so far


When I get back to UK in October, the first thing I'm going to do is Parkrun, then I've seen a Rudolph Run in December. That one's not open for entries yet, but it's definitely on my wish list


Signed up for:

Innovation Sports 5k Clapham Common on 12th October


The Major Series 5k March/April 2015

Electric Run 5k

I will be reviewing this thread tomorrow so that wishlist will most likely be added to!


I must have missed this thread, but here's what's on my to-do list for next year.

22/2 Great Northwestern HM Blackpool

14/6 Jane Tomlinson 10k Hull

28/6 Jane Tomlinson 10k Lancashire

5/7 Windermere olympic triathlon

12/7 Jane Tomlinson 10k Leeds

2/8 Jane Tomlinson 10k York

11/10 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

June and July looks a bit crazy busy, and I might have to give some of it a miss. Whilst running is fun, there has to be room for more in life, and I also want to spend some quality time in the caravan with my lovely partner.

The three races from all the great suggestions that really stick out as I-would-love-to-do-that are

Humber Bridge HM

BTR Liverpool Tunnels 10k

and of course the London Marathon


LOL Tomas! :D You're doing/want to do, a lot of the same races as me! You signed-up for the big Jane Tomlinson season ticket too I see? Amazing value, isn't it? Give me a shout and we'll meet up at the races if you like. :-)

I've only, as yet, sorted accommodation for Hull; I've decided to stay the night before and opted for the Holiday Inn at the Hull Marina. Really decent price, £76, (I think it was) as an early bird special which I think is great considering its location. It's only a short walk from the start line as well. I'll book a hotel for the York 10K soon.

Run For All have taken over the running of the Sheffield Half Marathon as well now, after the no water debacle of last year. It's now called the Plusnet Yorkshire HM and if you're interested you can put your name down on the mailing is for when entries open:http://www.runforall.com/half-marathon/yorkshire/

I'm really tempted by the Humber Bridge HM next year too. I was torn between that or the Mersey Tunnel race but as they're both in June and as you say, June/July is a bit race manic, I may only have to pick one. But which one?! :D


Yep, I went for the multi ticket as well without even looking at the dates. Now in the cold, grey light of day (or night), I think I might have to skip at least one of them. Makes it less good value, but it gave me the Marathon which is what I really wanted - need to have a carrot dangling to beat myself up with (huh?!).

Living between York and Hull, I can make do without overnight accommodation for both. Good for a (new) northerner to save a quid a two!

We should def meet up at one of the races. Would be fun to put a face to the name, so to speak. And a chance to compare ice-pack tips and stories about injuries that were and races that are to come :)


How the blue blazes did I miss this?

Ok, signed up for.....

Royal parks 10k winter series (Nov, Dec and Jan)

A 10 mile run starting and finishing at the top gear test track (Feb), Surrey Tempest (I think).

Cranleigh tri (April)

London (Hyde Park) tri (May)

I would like to sign up for....

Probably a couple of HMs, maybe Bedgebury again, most likely the Thames Meander.

I am seriously considering signing up for the St Crispin day bike ride again, though will go better provisioned as their cake and dinner stop were not what I was expecting.

If parkrun put together a team again I'll do the marathon relay as that was great fun.

Race for Life 5 and 10k, and also like to add a pretty muddy to it.

Still no desire to do a full marathon, though strangely an ultra would be interesting. I think that's because 'everybody' does marathons these days, a lot of them just being walked. After the bike ride last weekend I'd love to have a route just to see how far I could get in say 12 hours or so, see how long I could keep going for. Does that sound mad?


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