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26 down 1 to go!!

Just completed Week 9 Run 2 and can’t believe I only have one more run until I graduate from the program.

I did the local parkrun this morning and had great fun dodging in and out of the puddles and slipping and sliding on the muddy paths!!

Lost about 20s on Km4 slipping on a corner but with the help of a friend keeping pace still managed to clock up a respectable 5K @ 28:52, a new PB for me.

Looking forward to my last C25K run on Mon / Tues and already looking towards 10K +

Does this mean I can actually call myself a runner??!!

Happy weekend to everyone


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Well done and that is a great time, can I ask if you started the programme with a certain level of fitness already?

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Hey Chris, thanks

Level of fitness in October when I started was expert slob, no proper exercise since school, 30 years ago, just given up smoking (again 30 years!) and started the program off the back of 2st weight loss, through diet change and walking... next logical step was to challenge myself with something I hated the thought of... running..


In that case an even more amazing effort today, don't push to hard like I did before Christmas

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Congratulations fellow runner.

Consolidation at 5k/30 minutes for a few weeks is a good idea, just to get truly comfortable at that distance, before pushing on.

Make sure that you are not pushing for a PB on every run. Pros train with 75-80% of their time at an easy pace........we should do the same.

Set up your graduation run to be as memorable as possible.


Thanks Ian, I am looking at settling into the 5k distance, I know today’s pace was off the back of running with a seasoned runner pacing me.. well me trying to keep up and I have no illusions at this point that I will be able to run at this pace every time!! But it did give me a buzz!!

I have a had an old walking route in mind for my grad run, lovely meandering path alongside an estuary near my home, just hope I can finish early enough to do that route before it gets dark.


Hi Swiss...

Does this mean I can actually call myself a runner??!!... certainly not... sub 30 mins for Parkrun puts you into the "demi-god" category. I just about did a sub 35 this morning (new PB for 5k and 1k on first lap...Yeh!) and have been grinning like an idiot all day!!

Well done!


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