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My first ever blog... Just completed 6r2

I am new to c25k and have commented on a number of blogs, asked some questions and now, yes now, think it time to make my own blog entry. This is not the right of passage of graduation, but it is a first for me and so important none the less.

I got though the dreaded 5r3 without too much drama, but literally as I did not read ahead, only knew I was running for 20 mins when Laura announced it. She said the barrier was mental, well it certainly was. I was doing on my treadmill and dropped the incline to 0 degrees (normally 1.5) in utter fear and trepidation.

Half way though I made an emergency call, to my 12 year old in the other room playing on the X box, for more water and a towel....

Eventually after what was surely more than 20 minutes, are these podcasts calibrated? I was told to walk again. Oh the relief. I had now run longer than I have ever done in my life and I was so pleased. Of course my woops of joy and "get in there" carried to my wife and she with World shattering understatement complemented: Oh! That's good....!

I was expecting a bit more, but she is a runner and well, for her it was not impressive. I turned to this forum to see what others were doing and there was the adoration I expected for such brave deeds. I knew I had to comment on my fellow runner's efforts as this is a VERY BIG DEAL and needs celebration.

Ran 6r2 today in the snow, below freezing temperatures and unmentionable items of debris on the road. Contributed to the treadmill vs outdoor blog and treated myself to a nice meal in the restaurant of my hotel with the 560 plus calories in hand from my run.

Unfortunately, now totally dreading the thought of Friday as it appears I am to run for even longer than 20 mins. I will try to forget until the reassuring tones of Laura convinces me I can do it. Doubt is high, but Laura can help I hope......!

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I read bits of this out to my not-so-understanding family. I totally get it! Yes, 20 minutes is a very big deal indeed. And if you can do that, you can easily (ok, maybe not so very easily, but not as hard as you fear) do some more!

Great blog! :)


Thanks greenlegs. I aspire to your 40 mins and your blogging skills.


:) Aw, thanks! It's not a competition though - let's just enjoy the sharing!


You are so right. We only complete against our own personal barriers whether physical, mental or both.


Hi there congrats on the run, it's a cheeky one no doubt about it!

Roll on the next one! No really you will kick it' s backside.

All the best



Hi Dale

Thought I had the next in the bag, but my ankle gave out just 2 minutes into the run. Have to wait for it to recover now before going any further - not good...!


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