Kids, who'd have 'em!!!

Picture the scene.

A fifty year old mum, newly converted to running, and her 14 year old son are in the car. As usual mum is taxi-ing her son around as it the way in the school holidays.

Mum: Kate (mum's lovely but lovely bonkers friend) has suggested I do a 10k race. I don't know if I fancy it really, just happier pootling along on my own.

Son: (feigning interest) Hmmm.

Mum: I suppose I could, now I know I can run 10k.

(There is a pause, as said son assimilates this strange concept)

Son: Isn't that the same as Mo Farah does?

Mum:(feeling pleased with herself and just a bit smug) Well yes it is as it goes.

(A further pause for more thought)

Son: (with a huge grin on his face) Doesn't he do it in about 20 minutes?

Mum: Get out of the car!!!

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  • Bet he's only jealous! :-)

    I'll never forget the look on my 19 year old's face when I casually mentioned I'd run 20 minutes non-stop that day. It was only there for a second before he replaced it with something a lot cooler but oh, I enjoyed it!!

    He goes out running too sometimes now but still refuses to borrow my Garmin so I know he's not as 'good' as me yet!!! :-D

  • You could be on to something Mitts! I like to think my is proud of my achievements but is just too cool to say so!

  • :-) Too cute!!! Our 14 year old daughter mysteriously decided to start C25K. After drilling her, she finally admitted mom and dad have impressed her! :-) I say go for it and do the 10K!!! Gayle

  • Haha haha, lol typical teens!

  • Makes you think though - you're doing an Olympic event!. Just think. a bit faster and you could be competing, would that have entered your head 6 months ago? :)

  • You're right! I am proud of my achievements. When I started running in the summer, I didn't think I would manage to do 1k let alone 10!!

  • Lol! Well done you ;) I'm not sure if my daughters or husband were more startled by the realisation that I could now run for longer than they can. Mr R will be way quicker than me, but since I don't plan on racing him any time soon, I don't care about that! It's a good feeling, to have impressed the offspring, though, isn't it (even if they do try to suppress it...)

  • It sure is. Keeps them on their toes too!

  • This blog made me laugh out loud! I have a teenager too and rather than being impressed (like I think she should be) she is mortified by the sight of me in my running gear. It's just a skapri and a c25k graduate T-shirt - nothing too extreme! Still all I have to do to get complete obedience is to threaten to pick her up from her friend's in full kit. Oh the power! ;-) Still I am looking forward to the Sport Relief mile when I hope I can leave the lot of them for dead this year. :-)

  • Well everybody is allowd to dream lol.

  • Pingle, they will be proud of you when you ace the mile - but they might not show it because it's not cool! GOOD LUCK!

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