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Hi, my name is 'Sally', and I'm a graduate. I know I should know better, but you know how it is...

I accompanied my wife on her W4(?)R2* last night as a supportive husband does and then took her home and cooked a lovely Sirloin steak for her. I had a delicious bacon and egg sarnie. I then went to bed at gone midnight and rose at just after 6 to get our son to school. Then I made a mistake!!! I went for a run ~ oh dear me. Legs of lead, poor breathing, sore knee and any excuse I could find to walk and admire the scenery.

Next time, remind me, as I do to others, just how important rest days are, even for us 'know-it-all' grads!

* 5 walk followed by 3 run, 90 sec walk, 5 run, 2 1/2 walk repeated twice.

PS. Dartmoor is looking stunning with the river Avon tumbling along and the birds keeping the sheep and cattle company.

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Ouch!! Hopefully only a minor setback.


My knee is feeling better already. A shame, because that means I now have no excuse for not finishing decorating the bathroom!

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Oh dear. Wise words indeed. Hope you fully recover soon ;)


That really is naughty you know. I've even started running naked because of you. You are supposed to know better. Who am I going to look to now eh?


I stand justly rebuked and bowed headed. SORRY!!

I have learnt my lesson, and I now ALWAYS take my rest days.

I am SOOOOO pleased that you run 'naked'; wonderful, isn't it? I have just bought some headphones to use in parks and when travelling, but when in the countryside...oh, nature is such a wonderful soundtrack to run and live by.


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