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W1 R1 off to a good start

Completed my first run yesterday and although slightly out of breath and achy today went really well. I'm trying to use some apps on my phone to guide me when to walk and run so that I can listen to my own music, not really a big fan of the tunes on the podcast. Gonna try the zombie run app that someone suggested on here on my second run to see if it can add some fun to it, seems like it does from what my friend told me using it:)

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Good for you for getting started! I haven't tried any of the zombie run apps - I have a bit of an over active imagination and often have to run in the dark so it might not be a great idea! Although it might speed me up a bit! :)


I used the zombie run app this week to do my C25K W1R1 training, and I thoroughly recommend it. I think this is the fourth time in 8 months that I have restarted the C25K training (various injuries stopped me each time I got to W4, so I had to begin again at W1, having lost my fitness level). I'm not a huge fan of the music on the C25K podcasts (especially having repeated it so many times) so I've set up my own "Zombie Run" playlist for the zombie run app, and it doesn't half get you running! I use it when running on my treadmill at home but the app also has a 'zombie chase' option, which can be used outdoors with an activated gps so it can check how fast/far you're running, and therefore if you are outrunning the zombies. Talk about motivation!! There is also a C25K zombie app, which I'm going to give a go to try running outside (I'm usually a treadmill girl all the way, but there are some gorgeous bridleways I'd love to check out when the weather is finer). Perfect for a zombie chase!!


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