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Couch to 5K
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omg ! I haven't run since high school and the top of my legs round my groinal area (sorry) is aching like well... its aching … is it normal? I know I will have aches and pains after going from nothing but damn I really want to do this ...

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it would probably be more accurate to say run 2 as I went for a run on Saturday but without the app using the bins in my local park as markers for running and walking XD


Yes, same for me, I think normal as it's our First Run, had you done your stretching exercises after you finished


I had yes I think your right and it's just because it's new thank you XX good luck on your runs xx


Thanks 👍


No problem.. it happens to most of us who have never ran for a long time . I had to quit in between my w1r1.. all will be normal in a day or so .. a rest day will make recovery . Some soreness is ok .. but severe and intense pain stop till it’s improve.


Thank you for your response I will rest and keep an eye on my aches xx


Generally speaking aches are normal and a reaction to work... part of it is fatigue in the muscles and part of it is the rebuilding and strengthening going on... I always consider that I’ve earned the aches. My legs certainly hated me after the first few runs! Great job getting run one done.


Thank you and yes I figure I've earned the aches😂 you are so right x


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You have to expect some aches and minor pains when you start an unfamiliar exercise regime, but they can be minimised by keeping nice and slow. You don't have to run fast to develop your stamina, which is the aim of the programme.

Enjoy your journey.

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Thank you so much x


Hi lumiae.

Well done for making a start and for your post.

I repeated Week 1 three times! I didn't move on to Week 2 until I'd done W1R9.

I am now keeping to the letter of the plan. At the end of each week I'm itching to move on. W4R1 tomorrow. BUT - I also have no qualms about going back or repeating runs. I just feel more confident that I can carry on.

You will get some pains.

This is normal.

It could be a knee on one run and your other knee later on in the same run!

Your body just needs to prepare itself for the exertions ahead.

Keep posting so we know how you're doing!

If you have any major concerns about a persistent pain, go to your GP. I'm they will also support you in your endeavours.

Happy running! 😸

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