W1 R1.

So today completed the 1st run of this plan and boy am my legs feeling it now. Started off with my sister who has already completed the plan but after the 1st min run and during the walk i decided i was gonna speed up. Little did i know i would be leaving my sister behind. So i went off on my own but suddenly doubted myself saying to myself that ive gone to soon thinking of my own ability. Little did i know just how fit i was... Managed to carry on with the speed i left my sister behind with and even found it in me to go over the railway via a footbridge and turn back round and do the footbridge again to see my sister just coming up the other side. Having said that i was listening to the rocky theme tune as i approached the footbridge the 1st time and that made me take to the footbridge rather then the easy option car park and round. Managed to do 1.69 miles doing this run from start of the brisk walk to the end of the cool down.

All in all shocked at how well i did all i wanted to do was do it all over again.... oh well that will have to wait until thursday


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20 Replies

  • Really proud of you bruv! you're a lot fitter than you give yourself credit for, keep up the good work!xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Good on ya chuck....you'll be playing for Leyton Orient before you know it lol!!!!

  • Cheeky lol

  • That's fantastic. Well done :)

  • Thank You

  • Well done you :) sounds like you are a natural. Would still take it steady , dont risk an injury

  • Thanks for the tip

  • Older siblings chasing you are always a great motivation to run faster and longer... :D

  • He left me for dust lol. In my defense today was a rest day for me so I ran the first minute with him and then left him to it while I walked the rest of the way. I start week 7 tomorrow, my second time doing the plan :)

  • Yeah, I told myself the same when, Sunday, my 8-year-old nephew won a "sprint to the next lamppost" for the first time... :D

  • Yo Balboa, good running time buddy! Adrian would be proud ;)

  • loool cheers. Watch out Apollo Creed...

  • Well done! Sounds like it went really well☺!

  • Good run! Well done you two!

    At the risk of being an old fogey... take it a bit steady maybe...?

    The programme is about stamina too... and as the weeks go on, as your sister will tell you...it progresses into different levels and intervals.

    I envy you the Speed.., oh to be young.... but I would always recommend, slow and steady...

    That's just me though.. Grey Snail :)

    Go for it!

  • Thanks for the tip

  • Sounds excellent, and "winning the race" is always a great motivator, even if it's not a race. It's particularly great that you clearly had a good time.

  • Looking forward 2 run 2 tomorrow

  • Well done. You did great. Rest days are important for us athletes though :) :) and so is keeping hydrated as your sis will tell you.

    Go you... Good luck next run. :)

  • Another runner is born :) The music you run to can make a huge difference. Must say I admire people who can run without music. I think I need it driving me along. Enjoy the programme and the rest days.

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