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W5R1+R2 - Update

Pleasantly surprised this morning that R1 of W5 was not too difficult....Its pretty amazing that only 5 weeks ago 60 seconds was miraculous...looking forward to feeling this good the rest of the week.

Also invested in a sleeve for my mobile on my arm and wireless earphones...not expensive but definitely helped in feeling more sporty and not having to hold on to my phone incase it fell out of my pocket mid run.....this running lark is fun :)

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Finally ... you have given me hope as I face W5 next and cannot imagine how you get through it... I am just about doing W4 and have one run left, so 3 five minute runs seem daunting!

sleeve for ipod helped me, made me relax a bit.

Hope next run is good for you too :)


Trust the programme. Don't think ahead - remember every stage looks impossible before you start it. But they all look a lot easier from the other side. Trust Laura and the work you've already done. You can do this!! :-)


Ok guys, woke at 5am in anticipation of R2 this morning. Set off at 5.50 am and yessssssssssss..... I ran 8 minutes, then 5 mins walk, then another 8 jog and honestly...was not horrific at all....Cannot believe it....buzzing with fulfilment....and actually believing that I am now a "runner" of sorts... Yippee :)


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