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c25k week 6 run 2 and a blubbering mess :(

Oh dear I've blipped. I've fairly happily 'jogged' through weeks 1-5. Most runs fairly positive, others not so good, but have managed to get through with no major traumas and managing to feel proud of myself. I've got to week 6, run 2 and something seems to have gone horribly wrong. The thought of 8 minutes has always scared me (in fact the 5 minutes has also really scared me but that wasn't too bad). Got to the 8 minute runs this week and I lost all motivation. Wanted to stop and go home. Cried like a baby and wingeing like a wingeing thing. Just about managed to do both runs, be it as a snails pace, and thanks to long-suffering runner hubby getting me through it. However, felt totally rubbish afterwards, even when I got home and usually get the europhoric feeling. Still feeling rubbish now and want to pack it in :( Don't understand what's gone wrong as have been loving it up to now. Feeling like a complete failure.

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Don't beat yourself up about this run as we all have bad runs sooner or later. Dust yourself down, think about how you first started and what you have already achieved. Then on Wednesday get out there and nail it.

If necessary repeat a run but whatever you do don't let the couch demon beat you. I am also running on Wednesday so I shall be thinking of you doing that 8 minutes and ending with a big grin on your face.


Try not to worry too much, it was just a bad run. Concentrate on how much you have achieved, not one run. PeaBea is right, we all have them and, if I remember correctly, my worst run was W6R2, so you're not the first and certainly won't be the last! The great thing about these forums is that whatever emotion a run has thrown up, good or bad, somebody else has been there before.

You've come way too far to pack it in now and, I promise, within a few weeks or so, you'll be doing eight minute runs without batting an eyelid. Give it a few days and try the run again and, if you are really struggling, just go back a week, its no biggy, just don't give up.

In another month or two, you'll be hitting 30 minutes and can look back on this as the point where you really beat the course, rather than the other way around.


I also had this with W6 R2. I cried too, (hubbie pretended he couldnt notice) it was the hardest thing I've ever done to keep going to the end and I didn't really now why! BUT it did get easier and although it is still tough (I'm on wk8 r2) it's these 'bad' runs which make the good ones better. You should be proud of yourself, you did both runs and lets face it long suffering husband may have helped alot but unless he gave you a piggy back (in which case stop moaning!! :-)) YOU ran it, your legs did it. well done.

You need to not over analyse why it was hard. sometimes it just is. It will be better next time.


Thanks so much for the pep talk (and of course the 'virtual hug' of a bit of sympathy which is just lovely). I simply need to get on with it, safe in the knowlege that I'm alone.

Ali xx


safe in the knowlege that I'm alone.

:-) Not alone. x

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Hi Ali. I know exactly how you're feeling as I went through the same thing in week 6. Suddenly that post-run euphoria evaporated and it all became terribly hard and I found myself wondering again whether running was really for me. The amazing support and encouragement I received here was what got me through. I did, indeed, eventually get through it and start enjoying my runs again, although I found it tough going for a couple of weeks. Until now you've been doing intervals and your body has had time to recover. As the runs get longer, you are asking much more of your body. I started taking two days rest between runs, and it made the world of difference to me. I did eventually go back to running every other day, but not until I felt ready, and by then I'd learned that if I felt physically/mentally exhausted after a run then it was a sign that I needed to give myself an extra day or two off to recover.

Do persevere. I promise it will be worth the effort it takes and you too will look back and find yourself encouraging fellow c25kers through this tricky phase of the programme. I graduated and then had a knee injury which has meant I'm back doing something like week 6 again, but this time the mental gremlins can't make me feel like I can't do it, because I know I've done it before and will again. ;)

Best of luck in your running and remember to enjoy the journey, even if it takes a little longer to get there. :)


This is the blog of my first bad run, have a read and see if it rings any bells in regard to yours. There is some good advice on it from the good posters on this site:



Hi there Ali, great advice from everyone above, personally if the run gets longer I have slowed my pace until my body tells me it's ok. It's only recently that I have found my body can deal with it more comfortably, and you know if it happens again I'll just slow down again.

All the best for your next run when you will smash it!



Just a few more hugs. (((((Ali)))) - and do read Fingalo's blog.


Awww thank you all. I am in fact in Week 5 run 2 and NOT Week 6 - doh! I mixed up my weeks in all the upsetness. I am pleased to share the good news that I dragged my self out last night and did the Week 5 run 1 again - 3 x 5 minutes. I coped admirably - very much attributed to all the encouragement from you guys :))


That's brilliant news. Well done. :)


Well done Ali!! Trust me, I've been where you were, and I hadn't yet discovered this forum. This ghelped me and it might help you as well:

One of my colleagues regularly runs marathons, and on her desk at work she has a postcard which says 'Even the worst run ever is far better than no run at all'.

She says she needs to be reminded of this all the time, and the knowledge that even 'real' runners like her have bad days and feel like giving up really helped me a lot!!


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