Slowly peeling off my clothes!

Hi everyone

I'm wondering if I'm alone in this?

I have just finished week 7. I started from a point of total overweight couch potato, with NO fitness, to this point in the programme. And can't believe I'm this far in!

I've been wearing the proper layers, but over that, I've worn a jacket and jogging bottoms. It's like I'm afraid of actually looking like I'm a runner if that makes sense? I wear running tights underneath, but I'm nervous about wearing just them, without the joggers, even though I think they probably slow me down and make me look even bigger!

Has anyone else felt this way? When did you decide to don the proper gear without the extras? Any advice would be great.

Many thanks


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58 Replies

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  • With the weather improving you will soon get too hot with the layers. I know it's hard sometimes not to care what others think but you are out there improving your health and wellbeing, if people have an issue with how you look then that's their problem. Go for it!

  • Thank you. I think it's the thought of the warmer weather that's scaring me! That I'll have to strip away some layers! But yes, I should forget what others think as I'm doing this to improve.

  • I cannot remember when Laura tells you (voice on the podcast) but I think that it is at the end of W6 when she says that you are "a proper runner". (It may be at the end of W7).

    Anyway (as you have finished W7) you are indeed a proper runner, and can start going public with your proper running clothes. Start with W8r1, and as LisaRose says, you'll start to get too hot with spring on its way.

  • Yes she does say about being a 'Proper runner' at the end of week 6. I just need to start believing it!

  • Brilliant.. and Week 7 too...Go You!

    To coin a well known phrase, from dodgy movies "...just get 'em off!" :)

    You are a runner, you are doing it, You are you really mind what folks


    I am a 65 year old , who wears funky leggings and a funny hat... let them stare!

    I ran in plain grey running leggings at the start, then looked at the wonderful, bright gear and thought... yes.. why not.. !

    I have just got some even funkier leggings this week ( is that possible)? a pair of running cropped leggings in BRIGHT orange and black,,, and even... dare I say it, a pair of running shorts for France...My legs are stronger and feel shapelier, tauter and leaner...I am going to show them off! :)

    Just have faith in yourself for who YOU are, and what YOU have achieved. :)

    " Self-confidence is the best outfit...Rock it and Own it "

  • What a brilliant attitude! " Self-confidence is the best outfit...Rock it and Own it " - I think that might be my new motto!

  • You make it your motto... my daughter makes me say it!!!!! :)

    Keep posting... we are right here to support you!!! :)

  • Thank you so much for this. Made me smile!

    I love your quote about self confidence. I really need to start believing in myself and sod what others think!

    Bright colours may be a way off for me yet though! I love the idea of them though!

    Thank you

  • Go you...if you don't believe in yourself...????

    Someone once said to me, in an interview, after I had been really selling myself.. and then, sort of apologising for sounding big headed;

    " ...if you don't blow your own trumpet.. no-one will blow it for you..."

    I have always tried to remember that...when facing confidence issues :)

    I got the job too :)

    Go for it!

  • Thank you. So true. My husband tells me how well I'm doing, just me who needs to believe.

  • Haha it sounds like you're stripping from the title of the post ๐Ÿ‘€

    Honestly I wouldn't worry what other people think.

    You're a runner now and you're running for quite a length of time, so knickers to what anyone else may think you just worry about your own comfort from here on in.


  • I thought the title might be a bit dodgy!

    I've really got to stop worrying about what anyone thinks.

    Thank you.

  • I started in joggers, fleece & woolly hat all in black.

    I can't remember when I first donned my running leggings but I'm sure it was around week 6 or 7.

    Nowadays, yes I do still wear black but like Floss I also wear some rather funkily bright leggings/ capris & always have rather bright tops on.

    Go on you can do it. To hell with what anyone else thinks. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't we just totally set the trend :)

  • Don't we just! Hubster hates my bright leggings which makes me enjoy wearing them even more. Lol lol. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  • Little rebel you! :)

  • Hmm I've been looking at bright leggings for a while now but I thought I'd look ridiculous in them being only 5 ft 3 and best not to draw too much attention to myself but I'm coming round to it. I've always thought that's the kind of thing tall women would wear.

    Last week I bought a scapri which looks like a short tennis skirt with integrated cropped leggings underneath for summer running. I like to have my bum covered. Might take them out for a test run tomorrow. If I do, I'll put up a pic for your opinions. (Please be gentle). Got them in black of course!

  • I'm a chunky little 5ft 5. My legs are not my best feature. But hey. Who cares! Lol

  • Thank you. I like the thought of having my bum covered! At the moment I run in an extra large man's running top so that it covers my bum and stomach! The scapri sounds great though. Definitely put a pic up, I'd love to see what they look like as I've not seen them before.

  • I've put up a couple of photos, one from the side, the other from the front but I couldn't get 2 photos on one post for some reason. Unfortunately it is bucketing down here so not sure if I'll head out now as planned or wait till later. It is really very comfortable just a shame it doesn't have a snug waistband like running tights do, you have to tie a cord.

  • Thank you. I wish I could be more brave in my choices!

  • Thanks, I love the bright running gear that's out there. Maybe when I graduate, I'll be a bit braver in my clothes. Hopefully!

  • Blimey, no wonder you are hot. Obviously the advice to not give a fig what anyone thinks is the take home point here, it doesn't matter wht stage you are at or what you imagine people think: wear what is comfortable an practical.

    I am not quite sure why you are wearing running tights under your jogging pants though. Why not just wear jogging pants? There is no benefit at all to be had in wearing multiple layers. If you want to wear a loose and baggy outer layer, then there is nothing wrong with that but layering tight Lycra beneath it serves no purpose whatsoever.

  • Yes its definitely about not caring what others think. The reason for wearing the leggings underneath, is because i wanted to get used to them, as I fully intended to take the joggers off at a later stage and just wear the running leggings. But I just keep putting it off. I don't really want to continue running in joggers as they are so heavy! And I'm sure they slow me down!

    Thank you.

  • Run early when there is no one around or places where there is no one around, then you will get used to what you are wearing, you will gain your confidence and feel good about it knowing you look and feel ok.

  • That's a good idea! I will do that.

    Thank you.

  • Definitely not alone x

    I'm starting week 7 tomorrow, still 23lb overweight- just out of obese really- and I'm an apple shape, except not solid like an apple!

    I really struggled with folk seeing me but I've been wearing dri-fabric tight lycra leggings from day 1! I have a slightly looser top. I started black and grey, I even wear fluorescent now!

    I absolutely melt in anything else! I've had to ditch my fitted lightweight jacket a couple of times and I know that as the weather warms I will have to wear a vest top.

    I just watched a half-marathon today at the 12th mile at a time where runners were getting a really decent finish time. Every one of them was a real runner and none of them gave a wotsit what they were wearing- they were wanting to be as comfy as possible and finish.

    To be honest, if it was a fashion show, most of them would have looked out of place- lumps and bumps everywhere, men and women- but as a newbie runner watching them I was in awe of their confidence but mainly ability!

    When I used to walk the dog in my fatter/unfitter days and anyone ran past, at whatever size or pace, I never judged how they looked, I just felt a sense of 'good on them'.

    Our turn to strip back, own running gear and inspire a new wave of lumpy bumpies :)

  • Ahh thank you. I've still got a couple of stones to lose. So I guess I'm subconsciously trying to be invisible! I think I'm worried about being laughed at. I shouldn't give a dam should I?

    I'm going to really try hard and not wear those heavy jogging bottoms for week 8! I do have some dark capris with pink stripes down the side. I have to stop worrying!

    Thank you.

  • Yep but now, I've decided I actually don't have time to care! Sounds flippant I know but for me, the important bit now is getting out there and doing it. There are photos of me doing a Park Run yesterday and I look like I'm about to spontaneously combust! Red in the face, a look of agony that I don't remember feeling at the time and lycra leggings that would look out of place shopping for bread but ... when you're running ... it doesn't matter :-)

    It has to come down to confidence I think, and many of us have probably lacked that in the past for various reasons but now, we can run. What we wear, what we look like (apart from it hindering us and making us uncomfortable) really shouldn't matter so start thinning the layers out if you feel better that way and enjoy the freedom it brings.

    Oh, and don't forget to congratulate yourself on another good outing once you get back no matter how long or short it's been ... get freshened up and put on your every day clothes but remember ... by day you're an ordinary person ... but sometimes, you're a badass runner! Be proud ... I'm learning that one :-)

  • Thank you for that. Badass runner eh? I like it!

    I think I would feel a lot better if I didn't wear so much! Especially with spring on the way, well hopefully it is!

    I'll always have a red sweaty face though!

  • Men wear shorts over the running tights - as do some ladies. If that would make you feel less self conscious go for it. Lots of us felt very apprehensive about lycra tights. It's one of the most talked about things here.

    I read an hilarious ebook recently about a runner who ran in all black, at night, complete with black balaclava โ˜บ

  • I am only 5 foot 3 too Bop! I wear bright capris. Mind you I have lost an extra stone since starting the program so felt happier donning my purple pants of power โ˜บ

    When I donned my first pair of Nike tights I was quite reassured as they gather everything up and hold it in place much better than I had envisaged. Having said that I still hid for ages ๐Ÿ˜•

  • Purple pants of power! I love purple too. Maybe when I have lost some more weight I might feel better about wearing something brighter.

    I didn't realise lycra running tights was a popular subject on here! I'll have to have a read. I don't know why I feel so apprehensive about them. I think it's because they are tight and I'd feel everything was flapping about!

    I think I've read that book too. Really funny.

    Thank you. Really glad to know I'm not alone and just have to get over the fear!

  • Just as everyone says, whip it off Londonred, run proud in your glorious running tights quick before you bake yourself! ;) x

  • Thank you runningscared. I've got to do it before it starts warming up! All these posts have been really helpful and encouraging. I'll hopefully brave it for my week 8 run!

  • Yes, I felt the same. To be honest, the first couple of runs in Lycra were strange but at your point in the programme the longer runs are challenging so you'll probably be concentrating too hard to worry about your bum in leggings! I found that wearing a longer top helped, as did my decision to not give a damn what people thought! Go for it! You've done amazingly well to get this far so you've nothing to worry about really.

  • Thank you. That made me laugh about being too busy concentrating on my running rather than my bum! I'm doing my week 8, run 1 on Tuesday and at 28 minutes, I need all the lightness I can get! I really am going to dump my very heavy joggers and wear my leggings. I think if I have a long enough t shirt, ill be ok. And leave my jacket behind too, unless it rains!

  • I would spontaneously combust if I wore all those layers..... ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I wore tracksuit bottoms and a men's XL T-shirt when I started and made the scary move to running tights once I actually fitted into a pair of Nike XL's (lost 3.5 stone, 3 still to go). I still wear a big baggy t-shirt to hide the muffin top but the running tights do make me feel more of a runner which is a good feeling! But I've never worn more than the tights and the t-shirt, even through the winter. It starts out cold but I warm up really quickly! :-)

  • I think I will combust if I continue to wear what I'm wearing! Especially when (if), it gets warmer. I still have some more weight to lose, so I guess that makes me feel self conscious. I think my main worry is my stomach in the lycra! Definitely a long top for me!

  • When I did my first run , I wore jeans , a jacket and normal trainers . When it got to the running bit, I just did a funny rush/run/ walk type combo as if I was rushing to get somewhere ! Ha ha ! :-)

    Whenever I see someone running , no matter what shape/size/ age they are , I always think "Good on ya ! "

    I get far too hot , winter is a blessing for me , apart from the ice . I wear a T shirt and capris nearly all year round , or a vest top and shorts when it's really hot .

    You are a runner , believe it ! Get out there and strut your funky stuff ! :-)

    You are doing brilliantly , keep going and all the very best of luck for the rest of the programme . You can do this ! :-) xxx

  • Haha similar to me. For my first run I wore walking trousers, walking boots! and a jacket.

  • Thank you. I had to laugh about the "Pretending to get somewhere". I did that too.

    I'm sure I will run better if I wear less, i just need to not think about it so much. And believe in myself!

  • I also worry about Lycra!! Weather here in Scotland at the moment is still cool, except for a few days last week when I was definitely too hot! I am still wearing my walking trousers and a gilet (pockets take my phone, keys etc). I looked online at the running trousers and was put off by the price. Anyway, get rid of your heavy leggings - go for it!

  • Have you looked at Sports Direct online, they gave some good deals on running clothing?

  • Yes, did have a quick the way 'compression tights', a they recommended? Thank you

  • No idea if I'm honest ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I will dump them. I'm going to be brave! But yes, I need pockets and my running leggings don't have any! That's why I need the jacket at the moment.

    Thank you.

  • I hear you with the pocket requirement. I now have a a belt similar to this type of thing. It is made of elastic/lyrca and fits loads in. It has the added bonus of no 'bouncing' or movement of your phone. (It drives me bonkers).

    I like to pull it down over my hips so it covers my bum too ;)

  • Just had a look at that. That's a good idea, plus bum coverage too! Definitely need something like that to put my phone and keys in. Thank you.

  • I put all those layers of clothes I used to wear down to the fact that I started C25k in February when it was freezing cold and the fact that you walk more than you run in the first few weeks. Now I can't stand to wear anything more than runners tights and a top. My "running attire" has now increase massively in the last 12 months from two tops and two bottoms to something that is threatening to break out of whole draw full of running stuff! I can't keep up with the washing!!!

  • Ha ha, I don't own much in the way of running gear. I guess I didn't believe I would actually stick with it, so just got some basics.

    I run by the sea and it does get very cold. But now I'm doing longer runs and I'm starting to do other routes, it's warming up!

  • Two things - well, three actually. The first one is well done for getting to this point :)

    When I started I ran in old tracky bottoms. They were heavy cotton and they flapped round my ankles and I tripped over them a couple of times. My running journey could have finished there! I was 5 stone overweight when I started and didn't think Lycra would ever be for me but then I thought, "Stuff everyone else! I'm doing this for me, not them", bought the Lycra and have never looked back. I still prefer to have my tum and bum covered, even though I have lost 3 and a half stone and toned up, but I don't care what others think :)

    The other thing to think about is this. Before you started running, how much attention did you pay to runners? I bet it wasn't much. We probably all pay attention now, when we're out in the car or walking or running, because we are runners too and we are interested and want to encourage them, or see what trainers they are wearing, or if they land mid-foot or more on the front foot :D But before you started, did you bother looking? So probably no one else is really looking at you either.

    Go for it!

  • Thank you AnnieMurph. I do look at other runners now, but, yes it's true that I wouldn't have really bothered looking at them before I was a runner myself.

    I still will prefer to have my bum and tum covered too. I'll keep the extra large t shirt for that and brave the leggings!

    Thank you for all the great advice, I really appreciate it. Also knowing that others were the same when they started, but now don't care is really encouraging too.

    Thank you everyone x

  • Yes I think if you wear a long t over your run tights you should feel more comfy - maybe get a bum bag to replace your pockets, they do super slim ones or big chunky ones depending on how much you want to carry

  • Thank you I will have a look for a bum bag so I can put my phone in and keys. Going to have a look today. Am going to be brave and Chuck the joggers but they have pockets.

  • I actually found a pair of loose fitting joggers with side pockets and they're made of lycra. I bought them for winter running since they're adverised as thermo running pants. You'd want them without the thermal effect if you are buying now. Maybe have a look for something like that?

  • I'm actually wearing them in my profile pic but the photo is so small, you probably can't see much.

  • Oh yes that does sound the sort of thing that would work also. Will have a look around. Thank you.

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