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The big one (Week 5 R3) is done

Went out this morning in a nice cooling drizzle for the big one.

First 10 mins went ok but was thinking ahead to next 10! 10 to 15 started to struggle as my body was feeling a bit tired.

At 15 my breathing settled and I got in to a rhythm. Then from 15 to 20 it was just one foot in front of another to reach the big 20!

And that was it! I let out a big expletive and I was done.

Having a organic ale now to celebrate - first drink this year!

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I call it the Gateway Run. If you can do it, you can do the programme.

Well done, it really deserves a celebratory ale.


Me too! Me too! Just got in now, sweat still running down my face but had to get on here and tell you all because you all understand how big a deal this is! It's a fantastic feeling isn't it? I might have to try a couple of glasses of fermented grape juice tonight, do they count as 2 of my 5 a day I wonder!!! Now, shower then food....


Our training program includes a beer just as soon as we get indoors. Carbs and protein only in liquid form. :-) Very well done to both of you! No stopping you now! Cheers!!!! :-) Gayle


Well done both of you, as Fingalo said if you can do that! Well you can do it all..

Congrats again



Aww sorry Lifebegins, I kinda hung onto your coat tails there but was so excited to see someone else at the same stage as me, I'll go off and do my own blog now.

Congrats and heres to week 6 x


Well done lifebegins! Gateway Run does sound a good name for it. Suddenly you can see that you really can run! Congratulations! :)


Well done lifebegins, I also just completed Week 5 session 3. Laura said it was all in the mind and I think she was right. My wife was not impressed, but I was over the moon. This is the longest I have ever run in my life.

It is only others on the programme, that know the achievement I think.

Well done again. Next week is a relative rest I think... Until the 3rd one, that is 25mins ouch.


Very well done!!!! You must feel such a sense of achievement! Will your wife consider joining you for runs??


Thanks very much.

The problem is that my wife finds long distance running easy, so she could run 5k without any training. I was always fast, but with no stamina, 100m was even too long.

I guess when I get better we will run together.


Thanks guys! Well done Khrissy and Shinjin - great init!?


Well done! I'm looking forward to week 5 next week to see how I manage the 20minute run.


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