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Week 9 run 1 I went and did it

I run 30 minutes I can't believe it ... Did 2.8 miles in 30 minutes so I'm quite pleased, pace felt OK, first 5 minutes always tough somehow.

I had gremlins at 20 minutes but I think that's the mind games from my personal life invading my thoughts... I need my own music I think .....

I can't believe 2 runs and I graduate ... How did I do that .....

Need to change route though as I'm beginning to get bored ....: I need to do this thou .... Nice shower now though

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Great! We'll both be graduating this week!


Go Heledw....😊

You will do it.. your badge is ready and waiting. Will listen out for the whoop whoop. 2 more runs.😊😊😊



Well done you! So close to that 5k too! Looking forward to seeing your graduation post in a few days! You too Spongecake7! :)

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Well done not long now πŸ˜€


Well done!!! You will soon have your shiny graduation badge πŸ˜†


Great stuff !

Well done, on the home strait now, theres no stopping you ! :-) xxx


Thank you all, I never thought I would get this far

I don't know how I did to be honest.... There were times I just wanted to sit at home and cry... There were times I thought ,he has won, I would rather be dead than carry on... I used to go to work and see my patients and thought... You cannot let him beat you, your patients fight every day to overcome mental health problems etc

So to all on here I thank you, to those on the journey , keep going and most of all Oldfloss thank you for allowing me to offload the other day

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