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Stop the press...OMG...non runner manages W5 run 3

Hi all,

Have been lurking round this forum for some weeks now since I first started the c25k. Have found all the blogs here very helpful.

I gave up smoking just over 2yrs ago at age 40 and put on a fair bit of weight. Was fairly sporty when younger but have never, ever been a runner. I started the c25k in October and I really could not run for 60 seconds to start with. I persevered, repeated some weeks until I felt more comfortable, and on Tuesday, with sleet coming down, I ran for 20 minutes without stopping. I felt very smug indeed and had several celebratory biscuits when I got home !!

Have also lost 12lbs in weight by combining the running with eating sensibly but not starving or depriving myself of nice food.

So. To anyone thinking they can't make the jump from 8min to 20min....YES.YOU.CAN :)

Onwards to the next challenge Laura can throw at me...


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Well done you, your over half way now so there's no stopping you. Good luck with the weight loss. There's a Weight Loss forum on here too if you need ideas or any help.


Congratulations - that 20 minutes is a bit of a stinker! Thinking about it, more so than actually doing it! Not much further to go now!


Welcome and we'll done. To me that 20 minute run confirmed that I could actually do this.


Well done, it certainly makes you feel good when you finally get that 20 mins under your belt. Fantastic achievement :-)


Fab. My turn Saturday (I hope)!


I was amazed that I didn't find that 20 minute run too hard at all. Just those few weeks ago I couldn't do the seventh and eighth one minute runs!

It seemed strange yesterday starting week six and going back to shorter runs but I trust Laura and see that in two runs' time I'll be running for 25 minutes.

I love this programme so much - I'm telling everyone about it!


congratulations, well done! It's such a great feeling, I think that's the hardest one to overcome, psychologically and you did it. Onwards and upwards now :-D

Well done on your weight loss and for stopping smoking too, also great achievements!


Well done. Yes, that jump up to a continuous run is huge. Such a great feeling to have done it. Keep going. Isn't this forum brill. I love reading everyones stories.


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