Hi,newbie here!

I have just completed wk 7 run 2 so getting serious now, however I find it really hard to get into a consistant breathing pace. I run outside in the dark, so constantly looking for potholes etc or if I have to step aside to let traffic past,it takes me ages to get into a rhythm again. I find it really hard work !

Does any one else experience this?


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  • Even now it can take me between 5-10 minutes to get into a comfortable pace and breathing, especially if its really cold. I do find though that the breathing comes together more quickly if I don't try to go too fast too soon. I believe the true secret though is to relax and just go with the flow, then everything flows naturally. Not sure if this helps at all now that I've read over it, but it is as I find it. :)

  • I'm in week 8, but haven't ever really paid much attention to my breathing to be honest (but I do go very slowly). I just breathe when I need to! Not very helpful really! Sorry. :)

  • Ooh replies:-) I'm trying really hard to breathe with my running pace ,so I breathe in as I run two steps,breathe out run two steps but sometimes I get distracted(traffic, people) and my breathing goes out of kilter it takes ages to get it back to a comfortable pace.

    Maybe I am overthinking things and perhaps need to not worry about breathing

    - well you know what I mean! Thanks for answering:-)

  • Oldgirls spot on i think the key is to relax go with the flow. This will obviously come with a little more experience, for now take your time and enjoy being out there.


  • ahhh try not to control your breathing just breath freely. I've tried many different breathing practices while running and always come back to free breathing. Imagine your running an undulating course, when you're running up bank your breathing will become more heavy.

    Trying to force a breathing pattern will as you say break up your rythmn.

  • I recommend breathing normally and not worrying about it, your breathing will find a natural rhythm :-)

  • Yes, I agree.Think I will just go with the flow and relax a bit.

    Thanks all

  • Hope the replies helped raspberrytart, I would say much the same - slow and steady, try not to gulp. I'd also recommend Yoga as I've found the breathing techniques help.

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