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Newbie- couch to 5K

Today is the day I complete my week 1 run 3 and I'm enjoying it so far! I've always considered myself in relatively good shape, rock climb regularly as hobby and enjoy brisk walks etc...but have always struggled with running. I find it really hard to build up stamina and fitness to run longer distances so I'm really hoping this helps!

Wish me luck!

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It’s a brilliant programme. Good luck!


Thanks very much :)


Good won't need it! 👍👍👍


Thanks, good luck to you too :)


This will do it.🌟👏👏

Read the FAQ’s Post. Essential reading.👍

Trust the programme.👍

All the support you need here on this forum.

Three runs per week, followed by a repair day following each run.

Read everything on the Healthunlocked and get all the support you need🌟👏👏

This is a slow and steady tried and tested programme 🌟👏👏



Thank you very much for the pointers! Determined to do this!


..and these guys on here are amazing ..great support from these 3 above!


Such amazing support. Been having a read of other posts and everyone seems amazing!

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Hello and welcome aboard!

This programme is fantastic and put together so well. It will teach you stamina and it teaches you so much more than just how to run.

Keep up the great work, it's going to pay great dividends 👍😁


It’s just the best, a gradual increase, with rest intervals and a compelling sense of achievement after each and every run. Good luck and happy running


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