Week 4 done - my story so far recovering from stroke

So, quick update folks. I had completed C25K last year and was running 5k every other day and then bam! had a stroke last September. Anyway the top and bottom of it is C25K worked for me so I started the programme again once I felt a bit more human and my stroke consultant said go for it. I've just completed week 4 and found the first run a bit hard but then sessions 2 and 3 were ok. Another spanner in the works is the stroke may possibly have come from a problem with my heart but again the cardiologist has said for me to be as normal as possible and for me that is C25K. I'll probably have to go back to week 1 (for the third time) when I have the heart op but I know for now the programme is helping me to be in optimal health. If you're having a wobble or doubting you can do it don't,the programme really works.


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  • Well done daisylou, I think you're incredible :)

  • Oh yes indeed, daisylou. Talk about determination.

    All the best.


  • Thanks eshaz14 and Dale, you comments are lovely

  • What wonderful inspiration you are daisylou, your one tough girl. I'm with you all the way too, when things like this strike you its good to be able to get back up and go again, if you can, go for it is my motto. always be guided by your medical team first of course. I really hope things get better for you after your op, will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. :)

  • What a lovely, inspiring post, Daisylou. All the best with your future running and health!

  • You are so brave and I can tell from the way you are tackling this that you will do it & do it again when necessary. All my niggles are put firmly in their place! Take care & hope you'll keep blogging. :-)

  • Daisylou, you rock!!! :-) Many would use medical problems as an excuse even if okayed by the doctor. You are living proof of what a great attitude can do for someone. Wishing you the very best!!!!! Gayle

  • Such supportive comments, many thanks to you all x

  • You really are inspiring, daisylou. Thanks for posting! :)

  • A stroke and a pending heart op and still you run.....wow girl, yes you really do rock!! 8-)

    You put us all to shame with our niggles and excuses getting in the way. I know you will complete this daisylou; you are amazing! :)

    Sue x

  • wow you are so inspiring. I think your attitude to exercise ie c25k will really help you to recover well from your op. I think you would makea great motivational speaker xxx

  • Awesome daisylou :-)

    Hope all goes well for you

  • Goodness me what a fine attitude you have :) very inspiring. Wishing you all thie very best. Thanks for posting daisylou x

  • WOW - many, many thanks. I have only just started C25K this week. A while ago I had a DVT (after breaking my leg - it developed under the plaster cast!) which broke and via circulation lodged as pulmonary embolii! A year of rat poison seems to have sorted me out. A Blood consultant suggested that I might, as the years go on, be prone to furher thrombosis or stroke ... such info completley spooked me! So, I'm giving this programme a go... will do W1R3 tomorrow. Am overweight (not grossly but not as comfy in my clothes as I should be) and the running hasn't (yet) been hard on my legs ... my main problem I think will be my breathing. Will stick with W1 schedule until I manage it with calmer breathing. Your blog has given me further determination. Go you, and go me ... Best of luck with getting fit for future operation - your recovery will be better and faster as a result! Take care and keep blogging. Linda X

  • Glad my story has helped. I think having a stroke has booted me up the backside and totally changed my outlook on life. I certainly have stopped dithering about things and just go for it and that's how I'm trying to approach every single run. Good luck and let us all know how you get on xx

  • daisylou, you never cease to amaze me. You remember that your previous blog gave me the kick up that backside I needed and yesterday, on my long run, I was thinking about you again, at a point when I was tempted to wuss out. God I'm never going to be able to miss my target now, am I? :-)

    You are such a star and a trouper. Your running will help you to deal with the surgery and will aid your recovery. I wish you lots of luck and healing so that you can start chasing us all into longer, harder runs.

    Vixiej xx

  • Thank you vixiej, I never expected such wonderfully supportive comments. I guess I just wanted people who were at the 'contemplation' stage to experience the sense of achievement I know every single one of us feels after each and every run. Your healing thoughts are very welcome so many thanks x

  • To date, have only found 1 person with enough determination to fully recover from a stroke.

    **You may be the 2nd !!**

    With all the people I know/coached in the last 20 years,

    it is a VERY BIG ACC0MPLISHMENT to be the 2nd.

    Keep up the Good work !!

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