A good(ish) day

A good(ish) day

Thank you for your kind words and support x, think I may have over reacted!! Just done my 2nd run, I don't know if doing it in the daytime ( sun shinning, birds singing) had anything to do with it but...... I felt soooo much better, I did hide though, drove out to somewhere quiet, I don't know if I love or hate the music but it certainly kept me going, when I finished drank plenty of water ate a banana and no dizziness!! So thanks for the advise x do feel like I'm pounding the pavement too hard, shins and hips are still really hurting. Did slow down too, think I was running away from running!!

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  • Glad it went so much better for you! :)

    Lovely dog too!

  • My running partner, was trying to change profile pic!! Don't know what it's doing there!!

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