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Dirty girl!

Ok, I admit it, I'm a very dirty girl. At least I was on Monday.

Despite wearing my road trainers, I took a spontaneous detour alongside the Basingstoke canal/river Wey. Having set myself a five mile running goal I figured I could add that extra mileage by extending the route from the last time I did it (when I had to run around the block a few times to top up). It was actually really good fun, although the slipping and sliding on the mud, from all the snow and rain, made me use muscles in my back that I probably haven't used much before. Need to work on my core muscles a bit more :-(

So, by the time I got home, I'd run 5.5 miles, had mud splattered leggings, ankles and a pair of, previously pristine white, mud-logged trainers. So, clothes off in the kitchen, straight into washing machine and then a nice hot shower for me and the trainers (does anyone else wash their trainers in the shower?).

Sorry to any boys who found my blog a disappointment (but what did you really expect it to be about?) :-D

Happy running!

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That sounds extremely energetic, all that distance and lots of slippery mud. Good for you!

I hadn't thought of washing my trainers in the shower - must try that sometime - though not sure about the mud clogging up the drainage!


it's the only way to wash them, I think! Then pop them in the washing machine on a spin cycle, they'll be dry in 2 days, in case you need them for the next run, although I try to alternate between my trail and road trainers.

I haven't had a problem with drainage so far, I do scrape off as much as possible though. If the worst comes to the worst, my ex used to be a plumber (and we are on good terms), so I'd ask him to poke around my pipes ;-)


Oh you I do sometimes wash my trainers in the shower, or just get in the bath with my clothes on! As I run on the treadmill at the moment, my better half and children, sorry young adult's think I'm mad, and of course they would be correct.

I bet the canal is fantastic to run along in the summer.

All the best



:-D yes, sorry Dale, that's me ;-)

The canal is fabulous in summer/autumn. I've only been running since July, so I'm looking forward to running in the spring for the first time (it's probably my favourite season, because its full of life and new beginnings).

Vixie x


Ooooh - the canal in spring - lovely idea. I've done one canalside run (snowy/icy - very pretty), but am really looking forward to going back in the spring.

It seems very wise to stay on good terms with an ex who's a plumber!


canals and rivers are lovely in summer, I think it's all that extra reflected light/vitamin D :-)

Yes, handy indeed, not just for plumbing, he's #1 babysitter too (and pet/house sitter when I take daughter away) and sometimes fixes car/bike. We have a view that parenting is a long term commitment we made together so we need to stick to our original commitment, regardless of our feelings about one another. After 4 years, we are on easy/friendly terms that unnerves some people - someone last summer joked that as we get on so well we should consider getting married - I almost turned him to stone with my glare :-D




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