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Hi all,

Completely new to this! Feeling really motivated recently after applying for a job and signing up for a 5k mud run! I've been meaning to get up and out for ages and never felt this motivated.

So... just completed my second run.. my ankles and calves are in agony.. any advice? I'm yet to buy proper running trainers due to not knowing if this is a novelty for me so running in Nike running trainers.

Why do I feel like I'm going to seize up after every run?! Sorry newbie and no knowledge on running!

Thanks, you're all doing amazing!


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  • We were ALL newbies ourselves once :)

    Best thing you can do - imho - is read as many of the posts on the Froum as possible. There is a wealth of information and you will see that for the VAST majority of us, running did not come 'naturally' It does take effort - but not as much as I certainly thought it does :)

    Most common mistake made, especially when new, is to start off too fast. no kidding - you cannot run slow enough in the early days. The programme builds stamina - not speed or distance (forget the 5k in 9 weeks, less than 10% of the Graduates had that when they graduated ). Stamina is needed before you can do speed or distance.

    Don't miss your Rest Days - people have, and some even got away with it once or even twice, but believe me its a real 'tears before bedtime' situation if you don't.

    All the above and more are in the posts, any support you need is here - we may run b ourselves, but we never run alone round here :) - and there are no 'fail' days, just 'practice' and 'success' ones. The only way you will fail is by not going out the door to run :)

    Slow and steady will get you to graduation, it's how we did it :)

    Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

  • Perhaps new trainers would help to maintain your new running habit?

  • Are there any trainers that you recommend? Thanks for replying!

  • Adidas boost

    Great trainers

  • Thankyou! Been looking at Acsis with gel in them but can't make myself pay Β£50 at the moment. Maybe after payday!

  • Look on m&m direct you can get some great bargains!

  • Thankyou I'll take a look!

  • Wondering what you dd straight after your run? Do you do the cool down? You could try stretching if you don't already? Ice cold water on the achy areas helps lots if it's immediate 😊

  • Hi! Everyone is so helpful on here! I do the 5 minute cool down and a few stretches but really I'm struggling with how achy my ankles are! Pain achy too! Definitely going to take a rest day if not an extra one too!

  • Is it shins rather than ankles??

  • Could be.. I think so! (What a wolly!)

  • No not a wally! Just keen to shame in that. Trainers are a must though 😊

  • Noo do a post headed shin splints? Many on here will have experience of them and will advise. I've had them and they are really painful. If I remember rightly it's total rest then only stretching and weights to build the supporting muscles and tendons. Not too sure as a newbie myself. Good luck x

  • Okay I will have to google what they are! I am so new to this I don't know anything at all! So experiencing pain now and feeling sorry for myself! Thankyou so much for talking, nice to know there's others just starting out too!

  • Definitely shins, hobbling around today! Will take extra rest days!

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