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10k Training - Upping the mileage

After completing my 4.5 mile snow run on Friday and my 5.5 mile run on Sunday, in total I clocked up a total of 18 miles last week, which I felt in every muscle of my body. After a days rest I have now done a 4.5 mile tonight even with a bit of a grippy tum.

I have been looking back at my running stats

Started C25k in May 2012, I have posted here my mileage per month

May - 18.76 miles

June - 21.26 miles

July - 26.76 miles

August to November post C25k - averaged 13 miles per month (holiday/injury/no training plan)

Treadmill purchased

December - 33.31 miles (6 hrs 44 mins of running)

Start 10k training 8th January

January - 50.44 miles (10hrs 20 mins of running)

As you can see my mileage has shot up

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Yowzer! :o Well done you, though - and it's great to have stats to look back on and see your progress, isn't it. (Or maybe that's just my not-so-inner geek shining through ;) )


well done! Another mile and you are at 10K, you're probably already in good shape to race, have you booked one yet?

happy running


I was impressed by how much you have done and thought as a C25ker it would be worth looking at what I have done in milage too!!

So I had a look at my distances, covered running and walking in the last few months.

Jan 83 miles ( 60miles running)

Dec 72 miles (42 miles running)

Nov 95 miles ( (63 miles running )

Not bad for a someone who wont see 50 again !


10k is on 3rd March.

Burstcouch - that is excellent


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