Looks like the running is over.

Just got back from physio and in his opinion there is probably torn muscle damage after the bike fall which is not helping the Achilles tendon. He says I must keep away from all running, the cross-trainer and the treadmill.

I am allowed to do stretching and non-weight bearing exercise like swimming and cycling.

I have to see him again at the hospital next Monday where hopefully it will be scanned for a definitive diagnosis.

Disappointing having come so far and felt so many benefits from exercise. I will have to work out a new regime for myself in order to maintain those benefits.

Good luck to everyone out there and I hope you all keep on setting and achieving your goals! A huge thank you for all the brilliant support you give on this web site. You're a great bunch of people!


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  • I am so sad to hear that as you clearly love running. I do wish you a speedy recovery from your injury. I hope we still will hear about your new excerises regime as really that's is what c25k is about. cycling is great - I know you didn't have the best start and it has stopped you from running by the sounds of it but it is good. You get out in the fresh air and get to see lots.

  • Thank you Vixchile. I am seriously considering cycling on the footpath where I used to run alongside the river. Or even on the footpath beside the road because there's not many pedestrians! I need to do something because the feel good from exercising needs to be continued!

  • Beek hope you don't mind me asking , but are you sticking to pavements because you aren't confident on the road ? If yes , why not get a few cycling tuition for the road to build your confidence . There's a lot out there & are free.

  • Cycling sounds perfect.. and you are outside too and I think this adds to the feelgood factor, just as running does xxx

  • So sorry to hear that you had a fall - but very glad that you are still up and about after that. I wish you all the best with the other forms of activity and hope that you will keep us posted on your progress. I think it is good to have updates on alternatives when there are times that running is just not possible. I do wish you well for your recovery. All the best from me

  • Thank you mossy1. I suppose it's the old addage 'we're not as young as we used to be' so healing is slower. Or even non existent!

  • Sorry to hear about your fall. Swimming and cycling are great though - and it is all about getting exercise in the end. When I go running I pass a lot of cyclists (well they pass me actually) - everyone nods or shouts an 'hello' and there just seems to be a spirit of we're all having a go at getting fitter whatever form it takes. After a bout of cycling or swimming you'll come back to running and find it all the easier :)

  • Thank you Runon, I found aqua aerobics helped ease the tendonitis greatly. I've just got to plan a good regime for myself and try to loose weight doing 5:2 alongside the exercise. The running worked wonders for my Blood Sugars and that is what I do not want to loose. I found that the running actually curbed my appetite!

  • That's a shame. I'm sure you'll find an alternative to keep your body young and moving. Keep us posted x

  • Thank you useitorloseit! Just have to set myself a cunning plan - and stick to it!

  • Ah sorry to hear that , best of luck for a speedy recovery and we'll see you soon (hopefully)

  • Sorry to hear of your bad luck Beek. Hope you find a new enjoyable regimen that will lead you back here in the not too distant future.

  • :-( Sorry to hear about your fall.... hope you feel better soon!

  • Bad luck Beek - hope you are back in your running shoes soon.

    I know someone who couldn't run in the lead up to a race because of (I think achilles) injury and spent the time on a rowing machine to keep up his aerobic fitness. He seemed quite pleased with the result :)

  • Awwwww, I'm so sorry to hear that Beek. I hope you will recover quickly, and that you'll find that you love cycling and swimming even more than running. All the best

  • Ah Beek, I'm so sad to hear this .

    Is there any possibility of a change in his opinion after Monday's scan ?

    Maybe after a good period of rest things will be different ....if that's not the case then the swimming and aqua aerobics ,plus getting out for regular walking would be good.

    Don't give up hope.Take care x

  • Sorry to hear your sad news Beek. You never know though you might get better through resting from running for a while. Never say never

    Good luck with the swimming and cycling. I'm sure you'll continue to stay active and enjoying life.

  • Sorry to hear that. Let's hope the scan next week shows exactly what the problem is and that you can then start on your road to full recovery. Good luck.

  • Oh Beek, this is such bad news! I really hope you get some more encouraging news when you go to the hospital. I know you loved your running and the fall was such bad luck on top of everything else. Is there any chance of a second opinion, perhaps with a specialist sports physio? Then at least you'll know you've done absolutely everything you possibly could do to get running again. The way I see things is, if they could sort out the same injury in, for example, Princess Anne or Theresa May, then they should be able to help you too. That's just my stroppy way of thinking perhaps but you deserve the best possible treatment available. Good luck Sweetie, I'll have my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Aw Beek, that is so sad. Please don't give up hope, good luck at the hospital and I hope you get good news xxx

  • So sorry to hear this beek , but nothing wrong with cycling , I love it & is a great low impact cardio excercise . There's a great joy you know in going on a bike ride . I know when you love running like we all do it's depressing not to be able to get out there & run , but I'm sure you will learn to love it in a short time , it's quite addictive you know .wishing you all the best & keep posting .

  • how sad to read your news today. It is awful when something you love have to be given up. I am currently 'resting' due to a knee injury, luckily it seems to be getting better, no more painkillers or wearing a support and just the odd twinge now and again. I must admit i am a little scared --no BIG- scared about starting to run again in case it turns out to be something that will return time and time again. I will hopefully be venturing out again next week after 3 weeks of no running. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on with the cycling. Take care and all the best wishes for your new venture.xx

  • What an irony if falling off your bike means you can't run but you can cycle!

    I hope this isn't forever - cycling has many wonderful benefits but isn't (in my experience anyway) as flexible or safe as running and it would be a pity not to be able to do both.

  • Thank you GoogleMe. I am a real liability in traffic so probably not as safe as the running was. I have been Googling my local cycle club and they have a section just for me - Breeze. For female beginners! The spiel is that they never leave anyone behind and they walk up hills. That's my kind of group! Going to give it a whirl very soon. (Although they seem to think 20 miles is a short ride - YIKES! Sounds a long way to me!)


  • I don't know if Breeze do anything near you - they do women's beginners. My problem is not being able to load my bike up to get to the meeting points.

    I can do hills now but that's because I have a battery!

  • Sorry to her that Beek :( Hope that you can still get out there with a new regime that won't strain the damaged muscles, and that you will recover well. All the best and good luck, keep us posted how you're doing :)

  • So sorry to hear this Beek. Seem to remember we started together, but it seems like you've been on the injury bench for SUCH a long time. Do hope you can find lots of low impact activities that you enjoy. I've always thought rowing would be a good whole-body work out and if I was told I could "never" run again I think I'd have to go out and spend lots of money on a rowing machine (and think of it like an investment - x pairs of running shoes, so if I'd been running I'd have spent it during the next however many years). But then again, that's inside and part of the joy of running is getting out into the fresh air.

    Looks like you'll have to make yourself a little C25K equivalent cycling plan :) although C to 20 miles on a bike seems a LONG way!! Great to hear there's a suitable group you could join, and I hope being with others makes you feel safer on the roads.

  • How terribly sad, hope you can get back to running when you're better. In the mean time you can at least ride a bike, some of us (me) have so sense of balance and are a liability on 2 wheels...

  • Sorry to hear that... let's hope the scan helps them work out the best road to recovery... and in the meantime you can keep the cycling going (but please stay on it)... :)

    Best of luck - please keep us updated here...

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