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Back running again....but maybe not for long!

Hi all,

Went out this evening to do a repeat of week 5 run 1 as I haven't been running for over 2 weeks due to shin splints and a horrible cold. Previously I had just finished week 7 which I felt great about, so a bit disappointing to stop as you can imagine.

Finally made it out tonight, but it was terrible weather to go running in for a start - I thought my tracksuit was waterproof but it turns out it isn't!! You wouldn't believe how drenched I was when I got home (ladies, eyeliner+rain=PANDA)! Although I managed the runs ok, I can once again feel the familiar pain in my left shin that I felt before, so am a bit worried that the problem isn't fixed :-( just trying to massage the area and keep stretching, let's hope it helps.

Despite all that it's lovely to read all the excited, super-happy blogs out there, great that people feel like they're achieving so much! I still love this program even though I'm a bit held back by injury at the moment.

Happy running all! x

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Not sure what you have been doing about the old shine but I think you can't rest away shin splints. Rest stops them being sore but that's just the start. They are largely due to weakness in that area so start again and they come back.

However, it all quite normal I think :-). I suspect everyone here either has them or has had them......

So you are right keep up the massage and stretching but build in some calf strengthening exercises as well to strengthen them up. There are loads of examples on here and other places on the internet and they are all free and can be done in front of the telly which is a bonus 8-)

Keep the faith it'll be fine just needs some patience and a bit of work.


To add to Greg's comments, have you had your gait analysed and wearing proper running shoes? having improper support can lead to shin splints so it might be a case of your current shoes not supporting you as they should - leading to increased stress on your shins.


Hope you feel better soon, sounds painful.


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