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Not running is killing me - ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I haven't run for 5 days due to anterior tibial tendonitis (sore shin/ankle) and I feel like someone has chopped off my right arm. I went out with my daughter on Monday evening it was so cold that we did a quick jog to the car and I could feel the pain in my shin.

I have two voices in my head one that says "Rest is best, let the shin heal and you will be able to run again and building up your distance gradually" the other one saying "A 5k won't hurt, just think how unfit you will be if you don't run and all that weigh you are piling on not doing any exercise"

Work is a nightmare and running is a good way to relieve the stress but no chance of that at the moment. Feeling a bit down about the whole thing. My sensible head is winning at the mo but not sure how long I can hold out. Big sigh !!!!!!

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Know just how you feel morningglory! It's been 10 days for me now and I have the same voices! Thing is, even trying to put some time in on my cross trainer I can feel the twinge in my calf so I know I have to be patient.

The hardest part is that it seems everywhere I look, I see runners - and I never ever thought I'd be envious of a runner...but I am!!

Ah well, hopefully a few more days and I can at least test it out. Meanwhile, I'll join you in that big sigh if I may?! SIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHH......


Stay cool and calm - can't be easy, but you know it'll pay off in the long run. :)


You will be fine but try a take it easy and try not to run too far, even 5k could do more damage.


ill join the sigh too. I also have hurt my tibial tendon. I did run with it a bit sore, then it was agony and no running or horse riding for 3 bloody weeks now!! my advice- be patient!


I'm feeling it too. It's only been 4 days but seems like an eternity. I'd only just got the buzz (running for 4 weeks), as a graduate you must be pretty darn miserable! It is difficult to be patient. I'd never noticed how many runners go past my house until this! Reading other blogs has reassured me that it can and does get better....


4 days is nothing. I haven't been able to run for 4 months now! :S


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