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Happy Run!

Just completed W4, R2 and had to write how fantastic I feel. I really did not want to go as the weather sounded awful, pelting down on my kitchen window. Once I got out there, it felt surprisingly pleasant to run in the elements.

On a more general note I've lost half a stone since starting the programme, my energy levels have improved and I'd even say that I feel brighter, more alert and more positive about life.

And all you have to do is get those trainers on and get out there! Probably too soon to say it's been life changing but I certainly think my eyes have opened to the possibilities ahead.

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I did my W4 R2 yesterday and found it so much easier than the first one. I still can't believe that at 63 I'm running at all!


Keep going Ginger we'll crack this!


You're both doing just grand!


Fantastic both of you, and just think pretty soon it will be nice and sunny there will be no stopping then!!

All the best



Aha - the bug has bitten you! You're one of us now! Mwahhaahha :D

Slightly more seriously, it's great, isn't it? I never thought that I would run regularly, or even that I could run at all, come to that. But I miss it if I can't get out there. Enjoy your runs, and keep blogging too!



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