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Post Christmas Run

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas! I certainly did :). I ventured out into the early morning sunshine for the Christmas run and found a lot of people were up and in a really good mood. The addition of cheesy Christmas songs made the run that much more fun and I didn't feel guilty later on when I had that extra few Champagne cocktails :)

I took an extra day off from running after the Christmas feast and I really felt it- I started getting itchy for the pavement. I am happy to say that this running thing is most definitely a part of my life now :)

Happy running :)

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Well done you!! It's's a lovely thought that we're ahead of all the post-christmas dieters/get-fitters lol...

I know we started our journey at around the same time but I'm afraid it's taking me a lot longer to complete the programme. I did achieve one of my goals by going for a run with my daughter on Christmas Day and not getting left behind, that woundn't have been possible - or even probable (!) a few months ago. Best wishes for the new year, Jan620


Hi Jan620! Don't feel too bad about going at your own pace- the thing to remember is that you are doing it! Well done on running on Christmas Day :) Happy New Year and I look forward to you running right past the finish line soon :)


well done! I didn't make it for a christmas run, but I did manage one 2 days ago and my daughter did her first parkrun with me today (my second), so back on my feet after all the food/drink :-)

Am hoping to do the new years run too :-)


ooh a New Years Run sounds great! I hope you have a good one!


well done you!!

keep it up

remember the chair is a killer!!!


Thanks givman! Yes it is- so very very tempting! Happy New Year and Happy running to you :)


Happy soon to be New Year to you!!! Great job in getting some running in after Christmas! We ran, but it was slow going...way too many sweets and spirits! ;-) I agree with Jan, its nice to know we are all getting back on track and ahead of those waiting for the New Year! Wishing you a blessed and running-filled 2013!!! Gayle


Thankyou Gayle! too many sweets and spirits sounds like a great Christmas to me :) Happy New year!!


Beautifully done, Life!! Having running as a definite part of our lives is quite impressive considering it wasn't that long ago that many of us were struggling to run nonstop for a single minute!!

Happy New Year and the very best wishes to you!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve! I agree- it is great to be able to say that running is a part of my life rather than just a NY resolution! It HAS been accomplished :)

Happy New Year :)


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