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Hmmm...should I go for W2 again?

Hi guys,

I completed W2 last Wednesday then came down with nasty cold and didnt run since then. Tomorrow hopefully will have the energy to continue (did do some short walks over last few days).

My question is, although I completed week 2 I did actually find it pretty difficult and so should I go and do Week2 again or start on W3 tomorrow and hope for the best?

Feedback welcome...

Wishing everyone a happy and succesful week :)

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Nope, if you completed it, you completed it and you move on. Well done!


I would move on, if you find its just too difficult then perhaps go back and repeat one or two runs of week 2. But you'll be surprised how well your body will respond even after a bit of a break. Good luck, watch out for icy pavements too.


Thanks for the encouragement GoogleMe & Oldgirl :) No icy pavements where I am fortunately...


Keep going forward, no need to repeat it especially as you completed it. Have faith in the program and you will be surprised at what your body can achieve! Best of luck and hope you are feeling better now :)



No as other's have said, you did it so move on....good luck.



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