Thrilled but gutted!!!

After my discouraging run on Wednesday, I took on board all the great advice I got from you guys and went out today with new determination to speed up. Also, I didn't put on so many layers, so wasn't nearly as hot. My newfound spirit wasn't helped by the fact that I slipped in some slimy mud and landed on my bad knee. But it felt ok as I started to run and guess what?! I set my running sensor for a 30 minute run, stopped when it said I had run for 30 minutes and then it told me I had run 2.99 miles!!!!! Well, was I thrilled or what! But also gutted that I had stopped running and stopped the recording sensor before I knew my distance!! If only..... It would have been so amazing to hear her say 3 miles completed. So my next run I am going to set it to record distance first and time second so that I will know as I run how far I have gone. Still very chuffed that I ran better and faster today. Thrilled!!!!!!!

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  • Well done what a great sense of achievement :) I look forward to reaching the same dizzy heights (just started W3) x

  • You will do it, I know you will. If I can, anyone can. Each run is one more step closer. It really does work. Just stick with Laura.

  • 2.99 miles that's amazing - well done.

  • Yes thats a very nice distance! look forward to the next update, which of course will be even further.....good for you.


  • Good stuff, Mary! (Not the slimy mud bit though - hope your knee is ok.)

    Bet you actually ran 3 miles anyway - 0.01 of a mile is only 17 yards, and maybe it's not that accurate anyway? Annoying though - I wouldn't be able to let myself say 3 miles either.

    You are running exactly twice as fast as my last run - wow! :)

  • Great stuff well done x

  • Wow well done, excellent distance, good running. Looking forward to reading you did 3 miles next time :-)

  • Don't know which is more exciting, having such a good run today or getting my graduate badge! Think its the badge!! :)

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